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What can we say about Shia LaBeouf?

Well for today, we can say he might have broken a record. Kind of.

Shia’s new film Man Down is making news because of its poor performance at the UK box office. Are you picturing how bad it might be? It’s even worse than you thought. The film sold one ticket at its UK theatrical premiere.

Good news though! It has increased its sales 200%. Meaning now the movie has sold…three tickets.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, to be fair the film is playing at only one theater, once a day, for one week. So it makes more sense in context. But still, one ticket is pretty shocking.

Featuring the story of a marine returning home from war, only to find life at home is its own battle, the film only earned about $450,000 in its limited run in the US in December. But perhaps will see an uptick in views since it’s causing such a stir? Who knows.

Man Down isn’t fairing so well with the critics either. With a measly 15% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, it makes more sense why movie-goers aren’t flocking to the cinema.

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