'Shrill's 7 Best Plus-Size Outfits — And Where to Buy Affordable Lookalikes

shrill season 2 annie style
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Hulu’s Shrill season 2 is here and that means LOTS of beautiful plus-size fashion!

This season, Annie is more confident in her body and rocking bolder colors and looks.

Unfortunately, in order to create such an awesome wardrobe, costume designer Amanda Needham had to custom-make many of the outfits because of the lack of fashionable plus-size clothing available. Last year, she told Vulture,

“Once you get to a certain size, people sort of want you to disappear. What about the people who aren’t ashamed of showing their bodies, who want it to be more tailored and appealing stylistically?”

So while you may not be able to buy the exact looks in Shrill, we searched the web for the best dupes that you can actually afford.

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1. That Heart Bra Top

shrill annie outfits

When Fran is down-in-the-dumps from her breakup with Vic in episode 2, Annie promises to wear the Christmas present Fran bought her. Turns out, Fran got her a hot pink bra top with heart appliques over the nipples and we’re currently obsessed with it.

The bra looks like it’s Savage x Fenty but we added a second option in case you’d like to be a bit more covered up.

2. Her Polka Dot Pink Dress

shrill season 2 outfits

When Annie takes Ryan to dinner with her parents in episode 4, she rocks an adorable pink dress with embroidered polka dots.

3. Her 70s-Inspired Floral Dress

shrill annie outfits style

In episode 3, Annie attends Ruthie’s 70s-themed roller-skating party where she rocks a white and yellow floral dress with ruffles around her neck. The look is complete with her mother’s dangling earring — which Ruthie quickly steals.

This dress was pretty much impossible to replicate but we were able to find a pretty yellow floral dress below.

4. Her Blue Corduroy Jumpsuit

shrill hulu annie outfits

After attending WAHAM in episode 6, Annie returns to the office to work on her article. She rocks an awesome blue jumpsuit that appears to be corduroy and yes, it’s all that and more.

5. Her Green Wedding Guest Dress

shrill hulu season 2 annie style

Annie is *absolutely* the best-dressed wedding guest at Fran’s cousin’s wedding. She rocks this pretty green satin dress with mesh sleeves and a peter pan collar.

We couldn’t find an exact match but we were able to find some cute satin dresses in nearly the identical color.

6. Her Floral Work Dress

shrill annie style outfits

In the final episode of the season, Annie rocks a high-neck mini floral dress with heeled mules. Luckily, smocked dresses are super in right now so there are plenty of options.

7. Her Blue Salon Dress

shrill season 2 annie style outfits

Last up is perhaps the best dress of the season — the blue dress that she wears to Gabe’s salon. The dress features puff sleeves and what looks like pearl buttons and is pretty much impossible to find (um, can Amanda Needham just start her own clothing line already?!).

The closest we could find to this dress was a little denim number with puff sleeves and buttons that gives off very similar vibes.


‘Shrill’ Season 3: Annie’s 12 Best Plus Size Outfits — And Where to Buy Affordable Lookalikes

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