'Shrill' Season 3: Annie's 12 Best Plus Size Outfits — And Where to Buy Affordable Lookalikes

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As we bid farewell to Hulu’s Shrill, we’d be remiss if we didn’t pay our dues to one of the best plus-size wardrobes ever to grace our TV.

For three seasons, Shrill gave Annie incredible outfits including dresses, leather jackets, and sexy lingerie.

The wardrobe was truly a labor of love between star Aidy Bryant and costume designer Amanda Needham, who essentially had to make most of the looks from scratch.

shrill season 3 clothing

In 2019, Amanda admitted to Vox,

“I think maybe I had a little ego about it. Aidy knew going in that this was going to be a struggle, and I was like, ‘Oh, there’s stuff for you out there, don’t worry! I’m about to show you the world, and it’s going to be amazing.’ Then we ordered all this stuff and when it came in, it was terrible — all polyblend and so cheap. I was like, where are they even buying this fabric? It was borderline insulting. And the sad truth is there was nothing out there. It was a dead zone.”

She added,

“Truly, designing this show would have been impossible to do off the rack. You actually cannot create a look for a plus-size character without a tailor and the resources to create customized pieces for their body.”

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Amanda and Aidy worked closely to curate a personal style for Annie. Aidy said that she would often send Amanda and would go from there.

She recently told Who What Wear,

“Usually each season, I would pull images from Instagram or people who I thought had cool style, put it together in a mood board, and then send it to Amanda. And then she would take the sleeve off of this thing and this off of that and choose a bunch of fabrics, and we would text back and forth.”

shrill season 3 annie outfits

So, to honor the end of Shrill and Annie’s incredible wardrobe, we did some hunting (ok, a lot of hunting) to find some affordable lookalikes so you can get Annie’s style for yourself.

Check it out below (warning: major spoilers ahead).

1. A Date Gone Horribly Wrong

shrill season 3

This look is from Annie’s date with the barbeque sauce guy (if you know, you know).

2. Breakfast of Champions

shrill annie outfits

Annie wore this adorable pink polka dot dress on her breakfast date (or not date) with Nick.

3. Blind date

aidy bryant snl shrill

Annie rocked this super cute sleeveless green dress on her *super* awkward blind date with Will.

4. Girls’ Night

where to get annies outfits from shrill season 3

Annie wore this sexy mini dress during her girls’ night out with Ruthie, Maureen, and Fran.

5. Racist Ranchers

shrill season 3 cancelled

Annie wore this floral dress while interviewing the white supremacist ranchers for The Thorn.

6. Working Girl

aidy bryant shrill season 3

Annie showed up to work wearing this cute shirt dress with an oversized collar.

7. Birthday Party

shrill annie outfits

Annie rocked this belted green dress to Amadi’s birthday party where she reconnected with Will. (Aidy said this dress was her favorite of the season!)

8. On the Job

where to get annies dresses from shrill season 3

Annie wore this super cute plaid shirt dress and cropped leather jacket while spending the day with her boss Gabe.

9. Beach Weekend

where to get annies clothes from shrill season 3

While on her adults’ weekend with Will, Fran, and Em, Annie wore a fluffy lilac cardigan with an oversized collared shirt underneath.

10. First Time

shrill season 3 renewed

Annie wore this pink cardigan and green bralette when Will decided he was ready for his first time with Annie.

11. Workplace Shake-Up

shrill season 3 clothes annie aidy bryant

Annie wears this cute pink floral dress and leather jacket when she finds out The Thorn has been sold and she might be out of a job.

12. The End

aidy byrant clothing line shrill plus size

This is the very last look we see Annie wear. It’s in this plaid dress that she confronts Will’s ex-wife, that she gets in a fight with Will, that she gets promoted to Editorial Director, and that she consoles Fran on the bench.

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