Smiles are the Ultimate Accessory: How to Make Yours Stand Out

how to have a better smile

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Smiling is one of the only gestures that means the same thing all around the world. In short, smiling is a universal language, and it can have a range of mental and physical benefits, from lowering blood pressure to increasing confidence.

In recent years, a number of oral fashion trends have emerged. People are looking for a way to express themselves, which is why these trends are gaining popularity. If you are looking for ways to make your smile stand out, then read on.

Hollywood Smile


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This is perhaps one of the biggest trends to emerge. It is named for its popularization among the Hollywood elite; the name then stuck with other parts of the world. A dazzling white smile is incredibly popular, and you can buy a range of whitening kits, although, for the best results, you should consult your dentist because they can use a stronger concentration of bleach for better results.

Another part of the Hollywood smile is straighter teeth which can be achieved at home without the need for repeated dentist visits. For example, ALIGNERCO offers teeth aligners through the mail; you send them an impression of your teeth, and their team of experts develops a clear aligner for you to achieve the smile you want.



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Grills were first popularized by the hip-hop and rap culture in the 1980s. Their popularity has held steadfast, especially within those circles, although they are now more mainstream. Grills are made from metal; usually, gold, silver, or platinum, and they fit over one or more teeth, sort of like a cap. They can be inlaid with precious gems to make them a little flashier. They are not permanent, and they are easily removable by the wearer.

As they have become more popular in recent years, there are a lot more opportunities for purchasing them. However, you should be wary of any grills that are pre-made as they will not fit over your teeth well. If you want to purchase some grills, then you are better off using a custom company that makes them to fit your teeth; they will look better and be far more comfortable.

Note: Anyone who is not BIPOC should tread lightly when considering this trend since it could be considered cultural appropriation.


Vampires and werewolves plagued pop culture for a couple of years before taking a step back, but they still have a huge cult following. This is why more and more patients are asking their dentists to give them fangs. This dental treatment is popular among people who exhibit alternative styles.

There are two ways this can be done, firstly, a special veneer can be built to fit over your canine tooth and make it appear more fang-like, or some people opt to get their actual tooth filed into a fang shape. However, only one of these methods is reversible, it should go without saying, but your tooth will not grow back if you file it down. When done properly, these fangs are subtle and can look really cool, but it is a big commitment.

The Gap

While a gap in the front teeth was once seen as undesirable and a reason to see the orthodontist, it is becoming highly sought after. A number of celebrities and models have embraced their gap in recent years, and arguably it has added to their popularity as their unique selling point.

Some celebrities are known for their gap. It adds character, which is why some people are looking to undergo procedures to widen their gap or create one to start with. This is again an irreversible procedure as the teeth are shaven down to widen the gap. However, it isn’t by much; even a few millimeters can be incredibly effective in transforming the smile.


Another trend to have emerged in recent years is that of the dental tattoo. While the word tattoo is a bit of a misnomer in this case as no pigment actually enters the structure of the tooth at all. Instead, a mold is taken of the tooth you want the tattoo on, and a crown is made. The design is then applied to the crown and sealed in. After this, the dentist then fits the crown to your tooth. They do not require any special care as the design is sealed in.

If you tire of it, the design can be ground down to remove it while keeping the crown in place. For a more temporary approach, you can find special decals which can be applied to the teeth using an adhesive, but more on that next.


Tooth gems were first popular in the early 2000s, but they have made a big comeback in the last few years thanks to the resurgence of y2k fashion. The idea behind gems is somewhat similar to grills in that they are meant to make the mile more dazzling by adding more sparkle to them, and it can be incredibly effective while being one of the more subtle choices. A gem or a few gems are applied to the tooth using a dental-grade adhesive, they can be fitted to any tooth of your choice, but they are usually found on the upper teeth at the corners of the smile.

The adhesive can be a little dangerous, and so it is recommended that you do not swallow it or try to remove it yourself as it can cause damage to the enamel. Another consideration is color; silver is the most popular because it is subtle while still being quite dazzling. However, if you opt for another color, you should put some thought into it as it could end up looking like a stain or like you have something stuck in your teeth!

The Natural Look


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The fashion and beauty industry has been making moves towards natural beauty, and so the world of cosmetic dentistry has seen this shift too. More and more people are embracing their quirks instead of perceiving them as flaws to be fixed. This has given rise to the perfectly unperfect look.

This idea is not totally new as historically, some of the most noteworthy people did not have perfect smiles. Gucci recently released a new lipstick campaign that featured all sorts of different people and smiles; it was a celebration of authenticity. The dental diversity movement is growing. This isn’t to say that you don’t need to, or you shouldn’t have any dental work done; however, some people prefer to enhance their smiles instead of overhauling them.

In Conclusion

In the end, it all comes down to personal choice and health. If you are happy with your teeth and you simply want to enhance them a little by getting some teeth whitening, then you should do it. If you want to straighten your teeth because it would make you feel more confident, then you should. If you want to leave your teeth as they are because you like them, then go for it.

As long as your teeth are healthy, then you can do whatever you feel the most comfortable doing. That being said, straight teeth do tend to be healthier because they are easier to clean, and they sit within the mouth better. Whatever you choose to do, you should do so for yourself and your health.