Snapchat Bullies Gun Safety Organization Everytown

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source: Everytown Instagram

What. The. Heck. In recently leaked emails, Snapchat threatens gun safety organization Everytown to pay up or else they would give their ad spot to opposition NRA.

The story starts like this: Early last year, Everytown for Gun Safety reached out to Snapchat in the hopes of advertising for National Gun Violence Awareness Day. The charity organization is all about advocating for gun safety laws. They also work directly with families who have been impacted by gun violence.

Originally, Snapchat planned to run a live story in partnership with Everytown for free. Awesome, right? Not so fast.

When Snapchat’s Head of Political Sales Rob Saliterman learned that the NRA was also interested in advertising with the social media platform, he quickly emailed Everytown telling them (according to emails obtained by Mic),

“The story has the potential to be bought by any advertiser, including the NRA, which will enable the advertiser to run three 10-sec video ads within the story. This is analogous to how any advertiser could buy advertising in a TV news program about violence. The advertising will not impact the editorial content within the story as our teams are independent.”

Saliterman wanted Everytown to pay upwards of six figures in order to outbid the NRA. Um, excuse you?

Not only is this shady AF, this is extremely poor moral judgment. Snapchat reaching 41% of 18-34-year-olds in the US and they have the ability to greatly influence the group. They should not be trying to start a bidding war between anti-gun and pro-gun organizations.

In the end, Everytown said no to Snapchat’s bullying and the Snapchat Live Story ran without them.

We’re proud of the way Everytown handled themselves and extremely disturbed by the actions of Snapchat’s sales team.

If you want to learn more about gun safety and Everytown’s mission head over to their website here. And make sure to wear orange on June 2 for National Gun Violence Awareness Day.

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