Why the Hell Are Female 'SNL' Employees Defending Al Franken?

Um, what the heck.

In today’s bizarre news, 36 women who worked on SNL during Al Franken’s stint are now coming forward to defend him.

The former employees wrote a letter to stand up for their colleague. It reads,

“We feel compelled to stand up for Al Franken, whom we have all had the pleasure of working with over the years on Saturday Night Live (SNL).

What Al did was stupid and foolish, and we think it was appropriate for him to apologize to Ms. Tweeden, and to the public. In our experience, we know Al as a devoted and dedicated family man, a wonderful comedic performer and an honorable public servant. That is why we are moved to quickly and directly affirm that after years of working with him, we would like to acknowledge that not one of us ever experience any inappropriate behavior; and mention our sincere appreciation that he treated each of us with the utmost respect and regard.

We send our support and gratitude to Al and his family this Thanksgiving and holiday season.”

Excuse me, but no.

What a bizarre choice to make, and at the worst timing. With all of the accusations coming forward about men in Hollywood and beyond, it just seems incredibly tasteless and inappropriate to be defending one of the accused.

For non-believers, is it starting to make more sense why more women don’t come forward?

Also, can we agree that “he’s a nice guy” or “he never did that to me” are garbage arguments? Harassers and assaulters don’t harass and assault everyone they meet. Engaging in inappropriate actions against some women doesn’t mean that he wasn’t nice to other women. These behaviors aren’t mutually exclusive. But thinking that they are is extremely dangerous. Someone can be “nice” and also be a creep. I think we all have a hard time coming to terms with that. But coming to the defense or predators just because you didn’t experience or witness their predatory behaviors firsthand contributes to the dangerous attitudes that allow this behavior to continue.

I’m truly just confused by the choice of these women to come to Franken’s defense so publicly so quickly. Frankly, it is just incredibly ignorant, and also sad. We are so ingrained in a toxic patriarchal/rape culture society that women are placed in these really strange and terrible positions, thanks to men. We are a product of our society, and it shows. But for now, I’m upset and confused.

Allie Bush
Allie Bush is a Contributing Writer at Femestella. She is interested in creating and sharing entertaining and engaging content, in whatever form it may take. She is a proud TV junkie and in her spare time can be found watching late night talk shows, talking about Chrissy Teigen or Amy Poehler, or eating off of other people's plates.