'SNL' Deletes Sexual Predator Sketch From the Internet — Without an Apology

Saturday Night Live made a rare and subtle move this past weekend during the re-airing of October 7th’s episode hosted by Gal Gadot.

According to Decider, the controversial Safelite Repair sketch was not shown in the rebroadcast and was instead replaced with a sketch that had been cut for time in the original broadcast.

Apparently, SNL has deleted the sketch from all platforms- YouTube, Hulu, etc.

The show has not made comment about their decision to remove the sketch, but we agree that it was the right move.

Just as a refresher, the scene is a parody of a Safelite windshield repair commercial. In it, Beck Bennett plays a repair technician who repeatedly breaks a customer’s windshield so he can get closer to the client’s underage daughter.


Safelite complained back when the sketch first aired, and rightfully so.

It was a “joke” that was not funny and went way too far. It was overall just in poor taste, and not clever at all. There was no real commentary or satire to it. Just a cheap joke about sexual violence. It did not work.

Perhaps the company’s complaints were the motive for the removal. Or maybe all of the recent news about the sexual assaulters of the world was the inspiration behind cutting this scene. Either way, at least we don’t have to suffer through it ever again. It will be interesting to see if Saturday Night Live comes forward with a comment about the removal, and/or an apology for the tasteless “joke.”

Allie Bush
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