Sophia Bush Proves You Can Be a Gun Owner AND Support Safer Gun Laws

This is getting to be exhausting.

Countless celebrities have called for gun control and legislative action, and the majority of them have been harassed for it.

Now, Sophia Bush is the latest to acknowledge how twisted this abuse is and to shut it the f down.

She wrote in an Instagram post,

“Some of you have come at me on social media recently, telling me that I deserve to die. That I’m a disgrace to America. That I should get shot and stop complaining. All because I am heartbroken and really, really fucking angry about America’s gun problem.”

And that anger shouldn’t be met with abuse. The pride and idolization of guns in this country shouldn’t be so overwhelming that we ignore their very real and proven danger and attack anyone who dares speak up about it.

But wait, Sophia can counter all of your disgusting accusations, too.

She wrote,

“I’ve had people tell me that I live in a ‘celebrity/coastal/libtarded bubble’ & have no clue what real people go through. That my outrage is just bandwagon jumping. Guess what? My cousin’s 9-year-old was murdered in a mass shooting. In Arizona. No coastal bubble in sight to save her. So STOP.”

Sophia has been a sharpshooter since she was 12 and she actually owns a fair share of guns. But…she can recognize the epidemic our country faces, and the crooked (taking that word back) NRA that contributes to it.

She added,

“I’m angry that money is valued more than human life in this country. I’d happily go through more rigorous background checks, wait longer to get a gun, or give my guns BACK, if it meant we could work toward stopping this madness. Saying it doesn’t work that way just ISN’T real. Data doesn’t lie. Every country that’s enacted some form of gun control has ended massacres.”

And so many others, celebrity and not, have shouted these facts until they lose their voices. But the immediate abuse in response to proven facts is only getting louder with each mass shooting.

And to that, Sophia writes,

“So the next time you tell one of your fellow Americans to die/get raped/leave the country because she doesn’t like that leaders value kickbacks over children’s lives? Look in a mirror. Long & hard.”

Anne Catherine Demere
Anne Catherine Demere is an intern with Femestella. She is almost too passionate about pop culture and the entertainment industry and she loves to write about it. One of her favorite things is when feminism and pop culture overlap. She's either starting a new TV show or in class, there's no in between. And those two rarely coincide.