Spoiler: ‘Girls’ Finally Reveals How Hannah and Adam Met

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Well, it may have taken Girls six seasons to tell us the actual story of how Adam and Hannah met, but at long last, they finally did it!

We are in the last season of Girls and a lot has changed. Hannah is now pregnant (not with Adam’s baby, to be clear) and Adam is making a  movie about his and Hannah’s love. Although the beginning of their relationship was not revealed during the episode, fans got a peek during the credits of the show.

The sneak peek of Adam’s film, Full Dis:closure shows Adam and Hannah meeting in a grocery store. Hannah, played by Mira (Daisy Eagan) is eating candy straight out of the bin and Adam threatens to call the cops, because obviously eating candy from a bin is super unsanitary and is considered stealing.

When Adam approaches her, he sees that Hannah is trying to become a writer, and in true Adam fashion, he writes his number on her palm. In usual Hannah fashion, she complains about the pain, in which Adam replies,

“Good. If it hurts, you’ll always remember.”

That’s about all we got in the credits. Although during the actual episode it seemed that Adam really wanted Hannah to watch his film, so perhaps there’s more to the story we haven’t seen. He even claimed she wasn’t over him, but that leaves us with the question, well is he over her?

With only four more episodes left of the series, only time will tell. And although it’s been said that not everyone will get a happy ending, we’re really pushing for these two to end up together.

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