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Enjoy St. Patrick’s Day the Irish way, that is, getting squiffy with Jamie Dornan.

Don’t know what getting squiffy is? Allow Dornan to explain in his video for Jimmy Kimmel Live!

In the video, Dornan sips on a beer while telling us 41 terms the Irish use for “drunk.”

Some terms, like inebriated, intoxicated and hammered, we already knew. However, the list starts to get a little odd with terms like “away with the fairies,” “trollied” and more.

By the end, Dornan is done with his beer and we have a new “drunk” vocabulary. Thanks for the lesson, Professor Dornan!

When he’s not busy drinking the day away, Jamie Dornan is busy promoting the second Fifty Shades movie, Fifty Shades Darker. Although Dornan isn’t a fan of his character Christian Grey, he’s already signed on to do the third film, Fifty Shades Freed. He’s also set to star in Untogether, which is slated to come out sometime this year.

Enjoy your St. Patrick’s Day and don’t do anything we wouldn’t do!

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