Gender-Free is the New Gender-Neutral: Meet the Kids' Clothing Brand Breaking All the Rules

gender neutral kids clothing

This article is brought to you in collaboration with StereoType.

In the last few years, several kids’ clothing brands have finally started offering gender-neutral options instead of the usual pink and blue associated with girls and boys. But there’s one brand that’s ditching gender altogether: StereoType.

Started in 2020, StereoType aims to break free of gender, creating what they dub as “blended fashion” — a mix of girls’ clothing, boys’ clothing, and everything in between.

gender neutral kids clothing
credit: Autumn Northcraft for StereoType

The brand, which recently dropped its first capsule collection, was started when designer Elizabeth Brunner noticed that her boy/girl twins were mixing and matching their wardrobes. She told Femestella,

“I describe my clothing line as ‘blended fashion’, which is a name I came up with to describe the inspiration behind the brand and to describe my boy/girl twins and the way they were blending their wardrobes together to create their own unique look.”

She continued,

“Gender-neutral and unisex implies a more toned down or neutral look, usually in color and shape. When I was designing the first capsule in the collection I focused on details of what attracted my kids to the clothing they were wearing.”

The result is a collection full of fun and whimsy. The debut line includes everything from beanies and t-shirts to hoodies and sweats, with prices starting at $30.

gender neutral kids clothes
credit: Autumn Northcraft for StereoType

The majority of the clothing is black — something that was inspired by Elizabeth’s daughter. She said,

“My twins inspired this first capsule with the things they were loving about their clothing as I was designing the pieces. My son loves sparkles and my daughter loves black, so the first collection is heavy in those two details. I was also inspired by our logo of the boombox, which is fun and cool for this kids brand, so you’ll see that a lot too.”

And StereoType is just getting started. In September, the brand plans on launching a second capsule collection that includes innovative designs like a skirt that doubles as a superhero cape for playtime.

Another fun piece to look forward to is their athletic skirt, which features a pleated skirt design layered over a pair of athletic shorts — perfect for kids on the move.

And that’s what’s so genius about StereoType’s designs. They’re meant to both encourage individuality while also designed to let kids be kids. It’s a collection that allows kids to run and play without having to sacrifice style.

unisex kids clothing
credit: Autumn Northcraft for StereoType

One of StereoType’s most important goals is to make sure that kids never feel like they’re being held back. Elizabeth said,

“When we label a child we limit them and StereoType is all about moving beyond the invisible parameters of what no longer serves our individuality.”

Elizabeth believes that blended fashion is the future as it allows kids to truly be themselves. She explained,

“Kids know what they love naturally, they don’t need us to define who they are by controlling all their clothing choices.  Having access to blended fashion (a mix of boys’ and girls’ clothing) not only expands their wardrobe but also expands their individuality.”

She added,

“My kids understand who they are and they show that by how they choose to dress and express themselves, and I believe that we all deserve to be able to do that.”

To check out StereoType’s full capsule collection, head to their website here.

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