Stoneman Douglas Shooting Survivor Takes on Melania Trump

If the Stoneman Douglas student survivors are our future, it’s safe to say we’re in good hands.

The students have taken gun reform into their own hands from inspiring speeches to organized marches to a national campaign. And now one of the survivors is ready to go to bat with First Lady Melania Trump.

Melania, though often out of the spotlight, has chosen anti-bullying to be her cause of choice. So when her step-son Donald Jr. was spotted potentially cyberbullying the shooting survivors, Lauren Hogg was having none of it.

It all started when Don Jr. “liked” a tweet mocking survivor David Hogg. And that’s when Lauren got involved. She tweeted,

I couldn’t be prouder at this moment. While legislators have stood by and done absolutely nothing after what was the 18th shooting of the year, the students have made it their mission to make a difference. This is exactly what we need — fierce advocacy for our safety and our rights. Cheers to Emma Gonzalez, Lauren Hogg, and everyone else at Stoneman Douglas making a difference.

If you’re interested in learning more about the March for Our Lives, check out the homepage here.


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Lena Finkel
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