This Week in 'Stranger Things' News: Everything You Missed

It’s official: Stranger Things 2 is a hit!

If you haven’t read our official review of Stranger Things season 2, check it out here.

Since the episodes hit Netflix on Friday, the entire cast and crew have been on a press tour, which means lots of interviews! Can’t keep up? We’ve got you covered. Here’s everything that happened this week.

Joe Kreery

First Up: Joe Kreery, aka Steve Harrington, aka the breakout character of season 2

Joe gave an in-depth interview to Esquire, where he talked all about his character’s arc, his relationship with Dustin, and, of course, his hair.

“It’s not like I really do anything for my hair; I just wash it every three to four days. People seem to be mystified by it. It’s mostly just my parents’ hair.”

But back to Steve and Dustin…

Joe says that the moment that really changed everything between the two was when they walked down the train tracks together.

“The characters kind of come together because they’re both kind of left in the dust. They find what they need in each other. It ends up helping both of them and they learn from it. That scene is a moment where they both let their guard down and you can see that he really cares about this kid, and it’s helpful in his journey to care more about others than he does himself. It’s also these two characters who think they have it all figured out—but in no way have it all figured out.”

stranger things season 2
Credit: Netflix/ Instagram
Sean Astin

Now on to Sean Astin, aka Bob — who almost didn’t get the part!

Where would we be without Bob! The Duffer Brothers thought it would be too gimmicky to cast him (because of his role in Goonies) but eventually, they came around. Because Sean is obviously so perfect for the role they would never find anyone better. Thank god!

Natalia Dyer/ Charlie Heaton

Natalia Dyer, aka Nancy, dished on her big kiss with Jonathan — the moment we had all been waiting for! #TeamJancy

Speaking with MarieClaire.comshe said,

“It was fun to read and of course you think about what the fans think and want—and of course Jancy had been very much a thing.”

Natalia and Charlie Heaton (Jonathan) are a couple in real life so obviously, the chemistry was off the charts.

And while we’re talking about Charlie… you probably heard that he was caught with a small amount of cocaine at the airport AND has a secret 3-year-old daughter with his ex-girlfriend. Um, what? Although he didn’t address his secret daughter, he did release a statement about the airport incident, in which he said,

“My planned travel to the U.S. last week was affected by an issue at U.S. immigration, and I am working to rectify it as soon as possible. I do want to clarify that I was not arrested or charged with a crime, and cooperated fully with the U.S. officials at LAX.  I’m sorry to all the fans and my Stranger Things family for missing the premiere. We are all so proud of this season and I would never want this story to negatively impact the show.”

stranger things 2
Credit: Netflix/ Instagram
Millie Bobby Brown

This girl is on fire!! 13-year-old Millie Bobby Brown landed the cover of Variety, where she chatted about her first kiss being filmed in front of 200+ people (“Having 250 people looking at you kissing someone is like, ‘Whoa!’”), having zero acting training, and dealing with Hollywood. She’s mainly just trying to hold on to her childhood as best she can, despite Hollywood trying to force her to grow up. She’s been offered plenty of magazine coverage, where the editors often want her to dress more mature than her age. She said,

“I don’t like showing off my skin. If I’m in a photo shoot and they’re like, ‘Can you wear a crop top?’ I’m like, ‘No. No, not yet.’ When that day comes I’m going to be, like, 18.”

stranger things 2
Credit: Netflix/ Instagram
Duffer Brothers

Season 3 is officially underway! Ross Duffer said,

“We’re starting on Season 3 now, it’s always the most difficult thing just to get those to build simultaneously. It’s always a challenge, and so we’re still learning. I mean, we’re trying to do this eight-hour, nine-hour movie so to get that pacing just right, you know, it’s always hard.”

We have a feeling they’ll figure it out.

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