The 6 Best (And Worst) Parts of 'Stranger Things 2'

If you haven’t finished binge-watching Stranger Things season 2 yet, what have you been doing this weekend? Or better yet, what are you doing reading this article?

Needless to say, spoilers ahead.

Before we get to the best and worst parts of the new season, I have a confession: I was not so psyched to watch it. Season 1 was amazing. It basically defied gravity with its stellar performances and epic plot twists. How could season 2 live up to that?

But I was so wrong, and thankfully so. Stranger Things 2 was all they said it would be and more. The plot, the performances – they were all there. That said, the season wasn’t perfect. So let’s get into it: the highs, the lows, and everything in between.

Best: Noah Schnapp as Will Byers

Obviously, all of the child stars of the show are crazy talented, but Noah Schnapp (Will) really carried the season. Considering his minor role last season, the Duffer Brothers took a big risk asking Noah to do most of the heavy lifting plot-wise. But Noah brought it. His portrayal of the PTSD-suffering child now carrying the shadow monster inside of him was beyond anything I could have hoped for. Well done, Noah!

Worst: Eleven’s Plot Line (Or Lack Thereof)

Considering Millie Bobby Brown is a fan favorite, they really gave her little to work with this season. Her newfound relationship with Hopper was sweet and learning a bit of her backstory was interesting, but her visit to her “sister” was the low point of the entire season. And waiting until the very end for Eleven/Jane to reunite with the gang? Talk about a missed opportunity.

Best: Bob

I was skeptical when they first introduced Bob (Sean Astin). Could he be a double agent sent from the lab? But his sweet naivety was a breath of fresh air. And watching his tragic end was heartbreaking. #RipBob

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Worst: Billy’s Arc 

Another new character introduced this season, Billy, aka Max’s evil stepbrother, was seemingly pointless. The first half of the season spent time building up a character that ultimately did not pan out. I’m still not sure what purpose Billy was meant to serve, except for an annoying obstacle.

Best: Steve Harrington as the Babysitter

Talk about zero to hero! After getting ditched by his girlfriend Nancy (Natalia Dyer), Steve (Joe Keery) ends up babysitting the boys and helping them save the day. Pretty sure all those Steve haters from season 1 are changing their tune about now.

Worst: That Cliffhanger

And again, I leave this season feeling skeptical for the next. The end of Stranger Things 2 seemingly wrapped everything up in a neat bow… until they reveal that the shadow monster was, in fact, still alive. Where does this leave us for Stranger Things 3? I’m hoping the Duffer brothers have a plan all worked out.

What did you think of the season?

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