'Stranger Things': The Duffer Brothers Were Worried Nobody Would Watch Season One

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Looking for details on Stranger Things Season 2? You’ve come to the right place.

The show just wrapped up production in Atlanta, and now we are getting even antsier for the Halloween release date.

The show’s cast and crew don’t want viewers going in with specific expectations or spoilers, so they are keeping a lot of information hush-hush.

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But in a podcast interview with Variety, the Duffer Brothers talked a little bit about creating the second season, and some minor details related to the plot and characters.

On the pressure of creating an equally amazing second season after the smashing success of the first, Ross Duffer explained,

“There was pressure going into Season 1, too. We were just worried no one was going to watch it. Now the pressure is we know people are going to watch it. It’s trying to make something that we think they’re going to like. … We’ve tried in the writers’ room to go, ‘Okay, what do we want to see?’ And hopefully, people will respond to that as well.”

Matt Duffer added that they already had the ideas and plot points for season 2 fleshed out, so they didn’t allow fan theories or the first season’s success to overwhelm them.

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In terms of character and plot details, the brothers revealed just a few tidbits. The second season will focus on Will, and Eleven will return. We can expect to see new monsters as well.

The brothers did add one sad piece of news, however:

“There’s no resurrecting Barb.”

Season 2 hits Netflix on October 31.

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