Summer 2023 Fashion Trends: What's In, What's Out, And What's Here to Stay

summer fashion trends 2023

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It feels like every day there’s a new fashion trend to keep track of — barbiecore, tenniscore, mermaidcore — so many cores!! Aghh!

Luckily, we’ve created a handy guide to the biggest 2023 summer trends to help you remember which new trends are officially in, which old trends are officially out, and which trends are proving to have maximum staying power.

New Trends That Are In

Lime Green

2023 summer fashion trends
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Move over Barbie pink because lime green is making a move! The bright, happy hue is moving from the runway to the streets and we couldn’t be more thrilled! According to Harper’s Bazaar, the color was spotted on the runways of Sergio Hudson, Coach, Fendi, Collina Strada, and more.

Quiet Luxury

summer trends 2023

Stealth wealth or quiet luxury — call it what you want but label-less luxe is officially in vogue.

Quiet luxury is all about looking chic without flaunting your wealth — that means ditching your monogram-clad Louis Vuitton bag and opting for anonymous-looking bags instead.

Designer brands that do stealth wealth particularly well include Max Mara and The Row but if you can’t afford to pull off the trend, try our luxe for less tips here.

Current Trends That Are Here to Stay


2023 summer fashion trends

Don’t throw out your tennis skirts quite yet because tenniscore — aka embracing the preppy aesthetic associated best with tenniswear — isn’t going anyway.

To embrace the trend, opt for tennis mini skirts, cropped polo tops, white sneakers, and, of course, tennis bracelets.

Daytime Metallics

summer fashion trends 2023

Looks like daytime metallics are catching on! But keep your eye on this trend because things are evolving, and fast. While gold was popular in the winter, silver seems to be taking the reigns this season. Additionally, metallic bags are becoming increasingly popular as a way to integrate metallics into your outfit without looking like a disco ball.

Trends That Are Out

Itty Bitty Mini Skirts

fashion trends 2023

Remember those Miu Miu Super Crop Mini Cargo Skirts that every celebrity rocked last year (and that literally looked good on *nobody* else)? It looks like those ultra mini skirts are goners.

Instead, fashionistas are opting for longer hems with midi skirts and maxi dresses.

Going Pantsless

2023 fashion trends

While both celebrities and designers have tried desperately to make going sans pants a trend, it doesn’t seem to have caught on with the masses. Is it fair to say this trend is officially dead? We certainly hope so.

Last Words

2023 summer fashion trends

Ultimately, trends will come and go. So make sure you embrace the ones you like and ditch the rest.

And if you’re looking for affordable places to shop for said trends, you can check out places like Paisley Grace Boutique, Revolve, Mango, and more.


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