'Summer House' Paige DeSorbo Reveals Her Top Styling Tips For Summer

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If you don’t watch Summer House star Paige DeSorbo’s Amazon Livestreams then you are seriously missing out.

Not only does Paige curate a list of her top affordable Amazon picks, but she also gives out styling advice depending on the topic of the day.

Her latest few livestreams have had some great tips on summer fashion in particular, including accessorizing strapless dresses and finding your perfect sunglasses. Below, check out some of Paige DeSorbo’s advice for nailing this summer’s trends.

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On Accessorizing a Strapless Dress As a Wedding Guest

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According to Paige, the most important thing when deciding how to accessorize a strapless dress is whether you’ll be wearing your hair up or down. She explained,

“Accessorizing a strapless dress is totally up to your vibe. You have to decide first, do you want to wear your hair up, do you want to wear your hair down?”

She continued,

“It also depends on, like, where you’re going. If you’re going somewhere black tie then I love the idea of your hair up and then maybe a necklace. If you’re wearing your hair down you can still wear a necklace and maybe a stud earring. When it comes to eveningwear, I tend to go lighter on the jewelry. [But] the biggest thing to figure out is what you’re doing with your hair.”

On the Best Shoes to Pair With a Bright Colored Dress

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“I love a monochromatic look. I think it looks really good when you do all one color. Obviously, you can’t do that all the time. For example, if you’re wearing a hot pink dress it’s going to be really difficult to find a hot pink shoe. And also, it might look a little too teeny bopper and a little bit like, baby doll.”

She added,

“I suggest something a little more neutral than a black. Black can be kinda harsh especially in the summertime. White — same thing. It’s kinda like a little too stark of a contrast.

“I would recommend getting something a little more clear. Or even do silver. Black would be way too intense and almost a little out-dated. I hate a nude shoe. Sometimes it’s the only thing that looks good and matches. But there’s something about a nude pump that gives old lady to me and I don’t know why but that’s what I feel.”

On Finding the Right Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

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“There’s just no answer. Sunglasses truly are just trial and error. There’s a few shapes that I feel like everyone looks good in but it’s also just so up in the air you really can only go by your own face.”

As for what Paige usually goes for? She said,

“I personally like something that’s a little bit wider, that goes out a little bit more. I think… if your sunglasses are wider… then it makes your face look skinnier. I think your face looks more snatched.”

She says she also loves sunglasses that have a flat top as it “elongates” the face.

As for the shape she would stay away from?

“Lean away from a massive circle [frame]. Those don’t look good. They look good on 5% of people and I haven’t met any of them. If you want something a little oversized, make sure they’re oversized in the right area.”

Below are Paige’s favorite sunglasses from Amazon.

On the Perfect Interview Outfit

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“I’m a huge fan of an oversized blazer for, like, everything. And, like, interviews in general, I feel like, keep it simple. Wear all black. You’re not trying to reinvent the wheel. Obviously you want to stand out, but I don’t think you have to stand out in your outfit.”

Paige’s top pick is this black blazer by The Drop.

On Rocking a Puff Sleeve Dress

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“I like a big sleeve but it’s certainly not for everyone. Also, I think these dresses tend to look cuter when they’re shorter, when they’re a little bit mini so it doesn’t look like there’s so much material.”

Paige says you can pair a puff sleeve mini dress with either cute flats or heels (although she would personally opt for heels).

As for where you could rock it this summer?

“I think it’s perfect for a graduation or if you’re going away and you want, like, a cute, really girly, poofy kinda dress, but not too intense.”

Paige says she’s currently obsessed with this little white dress here.

On How to Style Hair Accessories

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“I feel like when it comes to hair accessories people are, like, nervous to ever do hair accessories. I don’t know why. I love a hair accessory! It’s easy when your hair is, like, dirty and you just want to do a slicked back bun. Or if you just want to do a ponytail. Like, I love a high ponytail. Who doesn’t love a high ponytail when you don’t want to do your hair?”

Paige particularly loves this set of hair ties.


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