Tavi has come a long way since her first days of blogging.

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Tavi Gevinson, aka the fashion kid wonder, has come along way since her first days of blogging. The style maven is now the editor-in-chief of the widely-renowned Rookie magazine, as well as a budding actress.

Chatting with Teen Vogue, Tavi recently recounted her early days of runways and fashion parties.

“When I was starting out, I saw it as something that was definitely going to end. Every time I came to New York for fashion week or to interview someone, I was so sad going back home because I thought, These things don’t get to last.”

She added, “that’s sort of the narrative of young success.”

tavi gevinson
source: Instagram

Nowadays, Tavi is busy starring in The Crucible on broadway, but still makes time for Rookie. Despite now having six other editors, Tavi still writes the editor’s letter, as well as a few pieces for the magazine.

Although her career is constantly changing, Tavi recognizes she’s still a role model for her readers. But that doesn’t mean she feels any pressure.

“I think the type of audience that my writing or Rookie has attracted would be all right with the occasional misstep, and even if they weren’t, my heart is in the right place. I’m 20—I’m trying to understand how to move through the universe and also be kind to other people.”

Aren’t we all! Ugh, could Tavi be any more amazing?

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