Explained: How Undocumented Immigrants Pay Taxes

As the GOP’s tax plan moves through the process, we’d like to gently remind you that yes, undocumented immigrants do, in fact, pay taxes. And they’re not getting the same tax return that you are.

If you don’t quite understand how it works, this video via Fusion should help you out.

In the video, several immigrants explain precisely how their taxes work, how much they pay in taxes, and how much they get in return.

Every year, undocumented workers pay a total of $13 billion in taxes in the U.S. So next time an ignorant person wants to claim that they’re not doing their share, give them the facts (and not the alternative facts).

Check out the video below for all the details.

In anticipation of tax day earlier this year, rallies were held across the country in which protestors demanded that Trump releases his taxes. According to The Hill, a whopping 74% of Americans want the President to release his tax returns, including a majority of Republicans. That makes this a non-partisan issue. Citizens have even been booing senators at town halls who try to defend Trump. Facebook has also announced that works will not face a penalty if they want to skip work today to protest Trump.

As for the current tax bill (which we broke down here), Democrats are promising that they won’t agree to any tax reform bills until Trump finally releases his tax returns.

Lena Finkel
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