Only Taylor Swift Could Make a Casket Go Viral

taylor swift anti hero music video
credit: Taylor Swift/YouTube

To say that Taylor Swift’s new song ‘Anti-Hero’ is a hit would be an understatement.

As of the writing of this article, the single is currently #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and the ‘Anti-Hero’ music video has been viewed more than 47.4M times.

Since the video dropped, Swifties have been clamoring to get all the outfits Taylor wore in the video. But it turns out there was one more thing they had no idea they wanted until they saw it: Taylor’s casket.

If you’ve seen the video, you know that it features a scene in which Taylor’s family is attending her funeral and fighting over her will. Meanwhile, Taylor is hiding inside a casket, watching all the madness go down.

taylor swift anti hero music video caskett
credit: Taylor Swift/YouTube

Supersleuth blog Taylor Swift Style, run by a fan known only as Sarah, was able to find *the exact* coffin Taylor climbed inside and Swifties were thrilled. Responses to the IG post about the find included,

“Thank you I will be requesting this for my funeral”

“Ok but we know at least one Swiftie is ordering it now.”

“This is my favorite find of yours”

“This gon be my future casket”

“I didn’t know how much I needed to know this until I saw it”

taylor swift anti hero music video casket
credit: Taylor Swift/YouTube

But fans weren’t the only ones thrilled about the coffin. Joshua Seigel, Co-Founder and COO of the startup Titan Casket (aka the maker of the now-famous casket), was just as excited.

In fact, Joshua told FEMESTELLA that he was “in total shock” when he saw the music video. He explained,

“In July, we were contacted by a production company who purchased our ‘Copper Orion‘ for a music video. Since we are the most prominent online casket retailer, we often sell to entertainment and film companies that need a prop.”

He continued,

“However, for all we knew this was for a local band and the casket was for background decoration. We never could have imagined that the casket would be prominently displayed and occupied by the most famous, universally-liked music artist on the planet.”

In fact, Joshua didn’t find out the casket would be in the ‘Anti-Hero’ music video until it dropped on October 21. He told us,

“We found out the same time as everyone else — by watching ‘Anti-Hero’! To have these amazing people — not just Ms. Swift but I’m also a massive Mike Birbiglia and Mary Elizabeth Ellis fan — all being hilarious and talented around our product was amazing.”

taylor swift anti-hero music video
credit: Taylor Swift/YouTube

Joshua called the fan response “overwhelming” but is using the company’s newfound fame to bring attention to a cause close to his heart: funeral rights. Many grieving families are met with inflated prices and hidden upcharges when purchasing caskets and Joshua is working hard to change that.

He explained,

“It wasn’t until it got picked up by [Taylor’s] followers did we realize the opportunity to raise awareness among the general population about our company, our consumer advocacy, and funeral rights.”

He added,

“We are a small family business and we wake up every day fighting some massive, public, entrenched companies in this industry. To be involved in this video is such a thrill for our team and as an entrepreneur. It’s extremely motivating to keep getting the word out.”

As for the casket’s future, Joshua is hoping to take it on the road with Taylor.

“We’d love to go on tour with the casket, raising awareness about consumer rights outside of her venues.”

Taylor’s team has yet to respond to their request.

To check out the exact casket featured in the ‘Anti-Hero’ music video, head to Titan Casket’s website here.


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