Not Even Taylor Swift's App 'The Swift Life' is Safe From Politics

taylor swift
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Politics has officially infiltrated every aspect of our lives, including Taylor Swift’s new app The Swift Life.

Although Taylor has been notoriously silent on politics, apparently her fans are not quite so reserved. The app launched just over a day ago as a place for Swifties from all over the world to connect and already American politics has turned it into a hot mess.

Liberals and Conservatives have already started butting heads and feuding over who should be allowed to meet Taylor. One liberal user said only Hillary Clinton voters deserve to be in Taylor’s presence; a right-leaning user said everyone should be able to meet Swifty except LGBTQ fans.

Of course, not all Swifties are so thrilled with the app turning into a political battleground and are even deleting the app from their phones already.

Wow. Is nothing sacred anymore? Taylor has yet to release an official statement, but some users have noticed that the political comments have been deleted from the app. It seems like Taylor’s team is trying to reserve the app for light, friendly fun only and, of course, Taymojis.

The Swift Life is currently only available for iPhones. We’ll keep you posted in case Taylor decides to release a statement.

Lena Finkel
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