Taylor Swift's New Favorite Handbag Might Be a Total Scam

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Taylor Swift has become known for her top-tier street style over the years. But it turns out her new favorite handbag might be a bit of a scam.

Aupen — the company that’s dubbed itself “Hollywood’s Favorite It Brand” — seems to be everywhere these days.

If you’re not seeing ads for their bags on Instagram, then you’ve definitely seen your favorite celebs — from Selena Gomez to Kylie Jenner to Hailey Bieber — carrying one of their shoulder bags.

Their most famous piece is the Nirvana Bag, an asymmetric faux leather shoulder bag that comes in nine colors.

The brand’s entire collection includes 17 different styles, all of which play into the coveted quiet luxury aesthetic, but without the price tag.

Sounds pretty good, right?

It turns out, it might be a little too good to be true.


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Google reviews of Aupen and you’ll find a ton of costumers complaining about the poor quality and the crappy return policy (they apparently charge an $80 “restocking fee” for every return, which is totally bananas!).

For the most part, buyers seem upset that the bags aren’t nearly worth the price tag.

On TrustPilot, buyers warn,

“Very poor quality given the price, when it arrived the box was battered and certainly not in a condition to wrap. On looking to return and get a refund they make it virtually impossible and deduct $80 dollars for the privileged.”

Another buyer added,

“The handle of my bag Nirvana just broke after a month, really disappointed for it to be so easily broken with cheap sewing at this high price.”

Reviews on Reddit are even worse. One user posted,

“STAY AWAY AT ALL COSTS. This is some very overpriced influencer scam. Spend your precious hard-earned money somewhere else on actual legit brands instead of these plastic bags.”

On another thread, a user wrote,

“Bag arrived today and it was a disaster. It comes with very cheap plastic looking gold ‘hardware’, pretty sure some of it is actually plastic. The vegan leather feels very underwhelming for a $350 USD bag. Packaging is very basic, comes in a paper box and a cloth bag but nothing says luxury about it.”

Someone else added,

“Ugh, just got my Nirvana yesterday. It should definitely be in the $125-175 range. I like it, it’s definitely cute, but the price tag is ridiculous for the quality.”


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That said, not everyone is unhappy with their purchase. Every once in a while someone will chime in, writing that they’re pleased with bag and how versatile it is.

One buyer wrote,

“I am surprised at how much I LOVE it. Super cute. Small. Different. For the price it’s great.”


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If you’re not willing to risk it given all the poor reviews, there are plenty of other places where you can buy quiet luxury-type bags at a fraction of the price. Mango and Zara are two standbys that almost never disappoint (I recently bought Mango’s Black Mini Shopper With Padlock and absolutely love it).

So while you may not end up carrying the same bag as Taylor Swift, you’ll probably be a lot more satisfied with your purchase.


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