'Lavender Haze' Music Video: Where to Get All of Taylor Swift's Outfits

lavender haze music video outfits
credit: Taylor Swift/YouTube

After a long, long wait, Taylor Swift finally dropped the “Lavender Haze” music video.

The video is pretty much everything we wanted and more — gorgeous, ethereal aesthetics in a cloud of lavender.

Taylor announced the debut of the music video on Friday and wrote,

“The Lavender Haze video is out now. There is lots of lavender. There is lots of haze. There is my incredible costar @laith_ashley who I absolutely adored working with. This was the first video I wrote out of the 3 that have been released, and this one really helped me conceptualize the world and mood of Midnights, like a sultry sleepless 70’s fever dream. Hope you like it.”

As Taylor pointed out, the music video co-stars Laith Ashley as her love interest. Laith is a transgender model and fans were thrilled to see the representation, especially at a time when transgender rights are being quickly stripped away in many states.

In addition to the “Lavender Haze” music video, Laith has appeared on RuPaul’s Drag Race as the first trans pit crew member and also in publications like British GQ, Vogue France, Elle UK, and more.

This is the third and final music video from Taylor Swift’s Midnights era. The first video, “Anti-Hero” was released back on October 21, 2022, and the second, “Bejeweled“, a few days later on October 25, 2022.

Fans waited quite a long time to view the “Lavender Haze” video, which featured several looks from the singer’s Midnights photoshoot.

If you love Taylor Swift’s outfits in the “Lavender Haze” music video, check out where to get them below.

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taylor swift outfits lavender haze
credit: Taylor Swift/YouTube

Taylor Swift wearing a light blue acid-wash oversized t-shirt.

lavender haze music video taylor swift
credit: Taylor Swift/YouTube

Taylor Swift wearing a light blue lace-trim satin camisole and matching light blue lace-trim satin pajama shorts.

taylor swift outfits lavender haze music video
credit: Taylor Swift/YouTube

Taylor Swift wearing a Free People Purple Shaggy Faux Fur Coat (sold out — similar below).

taylor swift outfits music video lavender haze
credit: Taylor Swift/YouTube

Taylor Swift wearing a Mother Orange and White Chevron Crochet Crop Tank Top (sold out — similar below) and BP Brown Corduroy Wide Leg Pants (sold out — similar below).


Where to Get Taylor Swift’s ‘Midnights’ Outfits

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