'Ted Lasso' Halloween Costume Ideas: How to Dress Like Ted, Keeley, Roy, and More

ted lasso halloween costume
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If you’re at a loss for what to dress up like for Halloween, you might want to rewatch some of the most talked-about episodes and movies from the previous year. After all, you may build an arresting outfit by drawing ideas from a broad range of interesting fictional characters to use as inspiration for your clothes.

However, at this time, there is only one program that everyone is paying attention to because of the gigantic Ted Lasso, who is the show’s star. You and the other self-proclaimed die-hard AFC Richmond followers out there are in luck since the cast of Ted Lasso is full of characters that would make fantastic additions to handmade Halloween costumes, and Halloween is just around the corner.

You are welcome to draw inspiration from Ted Lasso himself or any of the other football players to construct a costume, and you may use anything in your closet to do so.

1. The Ted Lasso Look

ted lasso halloween costume
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In order to pull off the look, all you need to do is grow a beautiful mustache (or use a fake one), put on a blue Ted Lasso Tracksuit, and perfect your Kansas drawl and witty sayings.

The addition of a white visor, sunglasses with rounded lenses, or an authentic AFC Richmond jersey would top it off. If you are in a rush, instead of a tracksuit, you can get away with wearing khakis and a polo shirt or sweater if you do not possess one.

2. The Keeley Jones Look

keeley jones halloween costume
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The vibrant and boisterous sense of style that Keeley emits is mirrored in the way that she chooses to adorn herself with clothing. Keeley is a person who is full of life and joy.

The choices that Keeley makes in her wardrobe are always spot-on representations of who she is. By accessorizing with gold hoops and faux fur, you may create a style that is stylish and comparable to hers.

3. The Roy Kent Look

roy kent halloween costume
credit: Apple TV+

If you want to portray Roy Kent in a way that is accurate to his life, you should think about adopting a look that is either reminiscent of the time he spent working as a manager or one that is based on the time he spent playing soccer.

Either way, you should try to find a balance between the two. You may anticipate being the focus of everyone’s attention at the party no matter what the conditions are, particularly if you mimic his perpetual scowl.

4. The Rebecca Welton Look

ted lasso costume ideas
credit: Apple TV+

To be frank, it’s possible that this one may be the most difficult to pull off, given that Hannah Waddingham brings such a strong presence to the role of Rebecca. The costume, however, is deceptively straightforward: just dressing up like a badass woman in charge and toting a little pink cookie box.

Having blonde hair is essential, but if you don’t want to go to the trouble, grab a wig and simply dress fancily as she does, whether in a bodysuit or a dress. And if you’re short, put on some high heels. The rest, from her flawless posture to her bright grin, is all in her mannerisms.

5. The Coach Beard Look

ted lasso halloween costume
credit: Apple TV+

The unassuming and slack-jawed appearance of Coach Beard may be of assistance to anybody looking for a last-minute idea for a Halloween costume. Put on a pair of sunglasses, a baseball cap, and a beard (genuine or fake, your choice), and you’ll be able to blend in flawlessly with the crowd.

When it comes to purchasing garments, you have access to a number of different choices. The easiest choice would be to wear the blue tracksuit. You may, however, pull off his “Beard After Hour” look if you’re willing to do some digging through some second-hand stores.

6. The Nathan Shelley Look

ted lasso halloween costume ideas
credit: Apple TV+

It shouldn’t be too difficult to replicate Ed Lasso’s former friend’s look, who is now his enemy. If you put on the suit that not only makes you look your absolute best but also is the one that is most suited for the sort of work that you perform, you won’t spend any time getting ready.

It’s possible that people will see you as a more laid-back coach just because you’re wearing a pullover and a track jacket. This is yet another alternative. Using this approach would lead to the same outcome as the other approach.

7. The Commentator Look

ted lasso costume ideas
credit: Apple TV+

While it would be challenging to pull off this outfit as a costume, it is simple to imitate: thick-rimmed spectacles, a suit, and a sweater worn beneath the coat are all you need to get the effect.


To tell you the truth, anybody can simply construct a costume off of anything they see on television if they imitate it. This includes making a costume from whatever they saw on television. They just need to sit around and watch this successful television series.

The Ted Lasso Halloween costumes go above and beyond expectations and include extra aspects into the overall design are the ones that are considered to be the most spectacular. This Halloween, if you want to seem both laid-back and gorgeous at the same time, Ted Lasso costumes are a great option for you to take into consideration donning.