Teddy Geiger Didn't Originally Plan on Transitioning

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It’s been more than a year since musician Teddy Geiger has come out to the world as transgender.

Last October, Teddy announced that she was transitioning via Instagram, writing,

“I started talking about it with a couple of my close friends and family about a month ago and it’s given me the courage to start the process.”

But for a while, Teddy had no intention of transitioning. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, she said that an old girlfriend talked to her about the possibility of transitioning and Teddy was hesitant. She said,

“It’s funny. Some people now are like, ‘Why would you transition? Why can’t you just be comfortable how you were born?’ That was my logic.”

But she added,

“At a certain point, I realized that I was born uncomfortable. I was born in this in-between where I want to express one way.”

Teddy previously told New York Times that she knew she was born the wrong gender since a young age.

“I can remember back to being 5 and looking in the mirror, feeling like a girl and wanting that. But growing up in Rochester, there were limited resources. I’d never met a trans person before.”

It wasn’t actually until a few years ago that Teddy started to truly embrace her feminine side.

“It wasn’t really until maybe three years ago I started actually painting my nails and going out.”

Since coming out publicly, Teddy says “a huge weight” has been lifted off her shoulders.

She’s also been more successful than ever as a singer-songwriter. She had already written hit songs for Shawn Mendes, One Direction, and more, but now she’s back in the limelight with an album of her own, Lillyanna.

With a new album, a new fiance (Schitt’s Creek Emily Hampshire), and the chance to show her real self to the world, Teddy is officially poised to have the best 2019 ever.


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Photo: Teddy Geiger/ Instagram

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