Mind blown.

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Teen Wolf has finally revealed Stiles’ full name. And no, it’s not Stiles Stilinski.

If you haven’t watched the latest episode of the MTV show yet, then warning: SPOILERS AHEAD.

Ok, so as you probably know by now, Stiles’ first name was recently revealed to be Mieczyslaw. Now try to pronounce that. You can’t, right? Well that’s exactly the point.

Teen Wolf showrunner Jeff Davis recently explained to EW,

“I was looking for a Polish name that was incredibly difficult to both spell and pronounce. Mieczyslaw sounded like ‘mischief.’ It seemed like a perfect word to describe Stiles. Both as a mischievous child and equally misbehaved adult.”

Davis added that he knew he would eventually have to reveal Stiles’ first name years ago so he’s had a while to think about it.

What do you think of Stiles’ real name?

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