Teen Wolf star Tyler Posey is a huge fan of therapy. The actor recently opened up about how much seeing a therapist has helped him become “mentally stable.”

Posey said,

“I’ve struggled a lot with therapy because it’s got a stigma to it and also it’s really gotta work for you, I’ve found. As open as you can be about it and as willing as you want to kind of experiment with therapy you still have to find the right person that speaks to you and feels like a good fit for you.”

He added,

“The best thing about it is getting it all out there. Whatever you have on your chest it just feels really good to talk to somebody who you have no ties to … so I think therapy is great. I think everyone should try it out.”

Posey has actually convinced a lot of his friends to try out therapy as well, although he admits that it’s not for everyone.

Posey first began to struggle with depression in 2014, when he first lost his mother to breast cancer and then later called off his engagement to then-fiancé Seana Gorlick.

And even though he no longer goes to therapy nearly as often as he once did, he’s still a big fan.

“Right now I’m somewhat OK and mentally stable that I don’t need to be in it a couple of times a week, whereas other phases of my life I felt like I needed it at least a couple of times a week. Therapy just kind of gives you resources to manage your life outside of therapy, so you can kind of ween yourself off of it a little bit.”

Posey first gained fame as the star of MTV’s Teen Wolf and recently guest starred in Jane the Virgin as Adam, Jane’s first love.

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