Tess Holliday is literally killing it in the fashion game these days! The model’s new photo campaign for ModCloth is totally inspirational and is giving us total #bodyposi goals.

Plus-Size model Holliday first made waves when she landed the cover of People magazine in 2015, but she became a force in the body positive community way before then. She’s the genius behind the #effyourbeautystandards hashtag and has given other curvy girls reinforcement that they are in fact beautiful.

Her most recent partnership is with ModCloth, an online clothing store that goes out of their way to cater to all sizes, which is particularly why Holliday is so excited with the pairing.

tess holliday modcloth
credit: Modcloth

She told PeopleStyle,

“I wasn’t nervous at all because I’ve worn ModCloth for years and know the fit of their clothing is great. I knew I would be in good hands.”

In addition to posing for ModCloth, Holliday has been busy protesting our current president and campaigning to #normalizebreastfeeding. She’s taken numerous breastfeeding pics of her son Bowie and posted to Instagram in order to destigmatize the extremely normal behavior.

tess holliday modcloth
credit: ModCloth

She also recently opened up about all the pressures of being a working mom. She wrote on Instagram,

“The pressure of ‘looking good’ for a living is too much today. When your face is breaking out from the hormones of breastfeeding + total exhaustion from lack of sleep, bags under your eyes, patchy red skin & to top it off no energy to work out or leave my bed.”

We love how honest Tess Holliday is with her fans about the struggles of motherhood and so-called “having it all.”


Body Positive Activist/Model Tess Holliday: ‘I Will Continue to Live Unapologetically’

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