The 10 Best Self-Care Apps You Haven't Tried Yet

best self care apps

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For the last few years, self-care apps have been absolutely exploding in popularity. But with so many options, it may be difficult to find the exact right one for you personally.

Because even if an app is receiving rave reviews or topping the charts, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will work for you and your needs.

So, if you’ve tried what seems like everything but still haven’t found the right fit, don’t despair! We’ve got you covered.

We found 10 amazing self-care apps that you’ve probably never heard of but will absolutely love. Check them out below.

1 . Inner Hour

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Inner Hour is a self-care therapy app, helping people to reduce stress, work on anxiety and depression, and improve mental health in general. The team behind Inner Hour believes in the best mental health support, all of the content was developed by psychologists and psychiatrists, based on the latest Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. The Inner Hour app offers hundreds of self-help resources and tools to practice mindfulness.

2. Moodfit

best self care apps

Verywell Mind voted Moodfit as the ‘Best Overall Mental Health App of 2020.’ Whether you want to tackle stress symptoms, reduce anxiety or boost your mood, Moodfit has lots of features to support self-care and mental health.

Moodfit helps you to monitor your mood, and get valuable insights into the factors that affect your emotions. Here you can track your mood affecting factors, including exercise, sleep, and medications. The CBT tool allows you to record your thoughts and practice breathing exercises. You can also work on mindfulness, and learn how to express more gratitude.

3. SelfishBabe

best self care apps

SelfishBabe is an application that will send you relatable and real self-love inspiration, directly to your iPhone. Using the app, you’ll get access to video courses, podcasts, positive affirmations, book recommendations, and a whole lot more. Creators of the app have stated that ‘Selfishbabe is a personal development and lifestyle brand for women who are learning to selfishly and authentically love themselves.’

4. Sanity & Self

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Sanity & Self is a fantastic self-care tool, helping you to take better care of yourself ‘from the inside out.’ Whether you’d like to gain more confidence, recover from heartbreak, or challenge your anxious thought patterns, Sanity & Self can support you on your journey. Users can connect with self-care experts, using messaging or audio sessions to communicate.

The app content covers plenty of different subjects including stress and anxiety, confidence and self-love, restful sleep, and relationships and dating. Sanity & Self also helps you to access articles, podcasts, a journal, and a mood tracker.

5. Tapping Solution

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The Tapping Solution is an app that can help you to improve your sleep, tackle fears, prevent anxiety, and even relieve pain. The application offers hundreds of different meditations, based on the ‘tapping’ solution. Tapping is also sometimes referred to as EFT which means ‘Emotional Freedom Technique’. If you’re looking to lead a healthier and happier life, you simply must give this app a try! The Tapping Solution is backed by leading psychologists, doctors, and experts in personal development.

The app offers meditations covering many different topics including reducing stress, support with sleep, coping with negative emotions, supporting the body to heal, body confidence, and anxiety

6. Mend

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Mend is a special self-care app to help those who are going through a break-up or experiencing burnout. When a relationship breaks down, we are often faced with extreme feelings of loss, heartache, and anxiety. Mend offers plenty of useful resources and tools, to help those who are going through a difficult time.

The Mend app has been featured in many leading publications including The New York Times, Psychology Today, and Vogue. Self-care becomes especially important when you are going through a tough time.

7. Shine

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Shine is a daily app for self-care, helping users to meditate, reflect, connect and improve mental health. The ‘Daily Shine’ is a meditation to help you start your day off right. Shine offers personalized content, based on your current struggles and goals. The app has a supportive community where you can chat with other users and get support. There’s also a journaling feature, articles, and plenty of tips to improve your self-care.

Shine covers plenty of different topics and themes, including reducing anxiety, improving confidence, Black wellbeing, burnout, and self-love.

8. My Possible Self App

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My Possible Self is a fantastic mental health toolkit, helping you to improve your mindset, mood, and thought patterns. It’s an interactive app including cognitive behavioral therapy and coping tactics.

A few of the best features of the app include audio and visual exercises, journaling features, motivational tips, and toolkits.

9. Grateful App

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Expressing gratitude is a fantastic way to improve your mental health, appreciate good experiences, and feel more positive. With the help of the Grateful app, you can express more gratitude in an easy and fun way. The app provides daily prompts to inspire you, so it’s not so hard to think of ideas. Simply answer the questions, and you’ll be expressing more gratitude and joy in no time. You can look back at your past entries whenever you need a little inspiration or joy.

There are lots of free features to take advantage of such as journal entries, grateful reminders, the ability to edit your previous entries, create a customized timeline, as well as prompts to motivate you.

10. My Life Meditation

best self care apps

With the help of ‘My Life Meditation’, users can learn how to meditate and be more mindful. The app helps you to build simple habits that improve your positive outlook and help you to remain calm. Here you can access some amazing features including guided journaling that helps you to release negative emotions. Whether you’re struggling to sleep, feeling angry, or anxious, there are a ton of meditations focused on different themes.

One Final Note

Establishing a good self-care routine can help you to take better care of your physical and mental health. While these apps are great as support resources, they are no substitute for visiting a doctor when you need to. It’s important to find a primary care physician to support you with any ongoing physical or mental health problems you may be experiencing.


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