'The 100' Showrunner Hints That He Didn't Want to Kill Off Bellamy Initially

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[Warning: MAJOR spoilers ahead]

After seven wonderful seasons, The 100 has finally come to an end.

While fans are divided over the series finale (personally, I thought it wrapped up nicely), most fans can agree on one thing: Bellamy got a raw deal this season.

A few episodes ago, Clarke shot Bellamy in a desperate attempt to save Madi. The 100 has certainly never been afraid to kill off a major character, but Bellamy’s death came out of nowhere and just seemed unnecessary — especially since Cadogan ended up getting Madi in the end anyways.

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In an interview with E! News, Jason Rothenberg broke down the finale, but most importantly, he explained the decision behind Bellamy’s death. And it sounded like he wasn’t too thrilled about it either.

As most fans know, Bob Morley, who played Bellamy, chose to take some time off from season 7 for personal reasons, resulting in his storyline being severely cut. Unfortunately, it sounds like that was the biggest factor that resulted in Bellamy’s untimely death.

Jason said,

“Bob had to take time off this season and so there was a lot of scrambling to tell his story. We had seven episodes broken, five episodes written. We were shooting the first episode when we found out that we needed to make space for him. And that really did have a domino effect downfield for the rest of the season so the ending changed significantly several times.”

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He continued,

“Generally speaking, over the course of seven years or so, lots of characters have died. It isn’t always because it’s exactly what we were always wanting to do. Sometimes an actor gets a job on another show or whatever the case may be. We have to roll with it, you know. That’s the job. ”

It’s unclear whether the show was planning to kill off Bellamy before Bob’s decision to leave the show, but regardless, it sounds like the writers really had to rush the storyline quite a bit (which might explain why it happened so suddenly).

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Jason revealed back in May that Bob had asked to take time off from the series, explaining,

“Bob chose to take some time off this season, and I know that he was grateful that the studio was able to work out a storyline that enabled him to do that.”

Neither Jason nor Bob has gone into details about that decision but fans can only hope that Bob is staying safe and healthy. The actor has previously discussed his struggle with depression and multiple suicide attempts and if he needed time off to take care of his mental health, then that obviously has to come first. Of course, this is all speculation at the end of the day.

Regardless of the reasons behind Bellamy’s death, it’s too bad that he never got to transcend. But The 100 was always ruthless and not even a fan favorite was safe from the writers’ pen.

May we meet again, Bellamy.


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