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Piercing trends change so quickly that it can be hard to keep up with what’s in and what’s out.

Luckily, all we have to do is look to our favorite celebs, since they’re usually the ones setting the trends in the first place!

If you look carefully, you can see how any one particular celeb’s style is evolving — whether it’s a new piercing or one they’ve let close up. Piercings are a great way to show off your personality without having to say a word.

Demi Lovato is the *perfect* example of this. She’s recently completely revamped her look, chopping off all her hair into a short pixie cut, opting for more androgynous clothing, and, most importantly, re-piercing her nose! Since getting it done in December 2020, she’s oscillated between wearing a dainty stud to wearing a simple gold ring. She says her new look was inspired by her decision to embrace her queer side and reflects how she’s been feeling lately about her gender and sexuality.

In addition to showing off your personality, ear and nose jewelry can also be a crucial part of your outfit. Cool and edgy types of earrings can take a look from good to great. Your ear and nose jewelry in particular can set the tone for the rest of your outfit, whether you’re going for something classic, dainty, feminine, or fun.

Below, check out what your favorite celebrities are into right now and what trends to be on the lookout for in the coming year. With so many options, your ears and nose are sure to look *amazing* this year.

Pssst… not familiar with the names of all the piercing locations? Check out our handy diagram below.

ear piercings diagram
Photo: Lucy Hale / Instagram

1. Daith Piercings

zoe kravitz piercings

Zoë Kravitz has always had a lot of piercings but recently she’s reduced her piercings to just a few — including daith piercing! The daith is a pretty advanced piercing but one that can totally switch up a look.

Never heard of the daith? Don’t worry. It’s the piercing that goes all the way on the inner curve of the ear. It’s usually the perfect place for a fun hoop, like the one Zoë is rocking above.

2. Ear Cuffs Around the Inner Conch

abigail cowen piercings

Ear cuffs are moving down the ear, from the top to the middle, right around the inner conch.

Above, Fate: The Winx Saga actress Abigail Cowen has added a classic ear cuff to her stack of hoops. It’s the perfect mix of edgy and feminine and can easily go from day to night. Ear cuffs are also a great way to experiment with different piercing locations if you’re not quite ready to officially commit.

3. Dainty Nose Studs

chrissy teigen nose pierced

Nose piercings are officially back! Demi Lovato was the first to bring it back in December 2020 when she re-pierced her nose, which was just the beginning of her recent style evolution.

Chrissy Teigen is the latest to join in on the trend and got her nose pierced (twice!) in January 2021. She’s been rocking dainty silver nose studs as well as colorful hair to switch up her look. Some have been saying Chrissy is going through a bit of a pre-mid-life crisis, but if that’s what a crisis looks like, then sign us up!

4. Tragus Piercings

lucy hale piercings

The tragus piercing is another more advanced piercing but one that’s super cute! Actress Lucy Hale, who nearly has every ear piercing available, loves to rock a tiny diamond hoop on her tragus. Lucy is usually into dainty jewelry so it’s no surprise that she paired her piercing with a huggie hoop and two studs on the lobe.

Looking to take it up a notch? Consider getting a piercing on your anti-tragus, which is located directly opposite the tragus.

5. Double Helix

perrie edwards piercings

Little Mix singer Perrie Edwards is another celeb who’s basically a piercing expert! And lately, she’s been rocking two hoops on her helix. Stacked hoops are super in right now but we love how Perrie has paired down the look to just two.

6. Charms

kat graham style

This summer is all about the charmed look! Just like actress Kat Graham, many celebs have been wearing little charms on their hoops. Stars charms are a pretty popular choice and the more the better!

Gold charms are my personal favorite but feel free to pick silver if that goes better with your skin tone.

7. Pull Top Earrings

pull tab earrings

Dangling safety pin earrings are out and pull tab earrings are officially in! Here, Kylie Jenner is sporting a neon pair, adding a pop of color to her look.

Pull tab earrings are perfect for a day out with friends or anytime you want to embrace a fun, whimsical look.

Want to go more low-key? You can also find pull tab earrings in classic gold and silver — both as studs and also as dangling earrings.

8. Sustainable Earrings

jamie chung jewelry style

Did you know sustainable jewelry is officially a thing? As sustainable fashion grows in popularity, so have options, and yes, that means, adding sustainable jewelry to the list.

Above, Jamie Chung is rocking the brand idyl, which grows their diamonds in a lab instead of mining them from the Earth. They also use conflict-free gold, which comes from regions where nobody is harmed in the mining process.

9. Stacked Ears

fka twigs piercings

Whoever said “less is more” *clearly* hasn’t seen FKA Twigs’ ears! FKA Twigs is all about the “more is More” philosophy as she stacks her ears with a mix of hoops, studs, and even charms! Hey, why not wear every trend at once?

10. Matching Hoops

nicole richie earrings

Hoops on hoops on hoops! House of Harlow founder Nicole Richie is all about stacking matching hoops up her ears, from her lobes to the auricle.

Above, Nicole has opted for simple gold hoops, but she also loves to stack diamond huggie hoops for a more blinged-out look.

11. Gold Septum Rings

tati gabrielle nose ring

If nose studs aren’t your thing, perhaps you’re more into septum piercings? While many celebs opt for a simple single gold hoop, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina star Tati Gabrielle took things up a notch with this multi-stranded ring.

Septum rings are a perfect way to take a simple t-shirt from bland to glam.


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