The 5 Best Fictional Therapists on TV

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Finding a therapist can be like dating — you might have to try out a bunch of different people before you find the right fit.

And yet, somehow, our favorite characters on TV always manage to find the perfect therapist right off the bat. How is that possible?!

We often find ourselves jealous, wishing we could speak to these TV therapists IRL. But even though we can’t, we can still use some of the pearls of wisdom they bestow.

Below, check out our list of some of our favorite fictional therapists and the advice we’ve learned from them over the years.

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1. Dr. Noelle Akopian, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

crazy ex girlfriend

“You’re a loving person who deserves love. One day, I hope you believe that.”

Dr. Akopian and Rebecca Bunch have a long history and it took Rebecca a while to start taking therapy seriously. But once she did, Dr. Akopian was really able to help her to have numerous breakthroughs. Not only did Dr. Akopian teach Rebecca that anti-depressants are no big deal, but she also helped Rebecca realize that she is deserving of love, regardless of what she’s done in the past.

You can watch Crazy Ex-Girlfriend on Netflix.

2. Dr. Rhonda Pine, Insecure

insecure molly therapy

“I know as Black women it can feel like there’s a lot of things stacked against us. We feel invisible at work, we feel the need to have the perfect relationship, it’s a lot. But if your ‘shoulds’ didn’t come to fruition, would you be open to your life looking a different way?”

Molly Carter initially started seeing Dr. Pine reluctantly and wasn’t open to her advice. But, eventually, she saw the value in therapy. Dr. Pine is able to help her significantly with both Molly’s struggles at work and Molly’s relationship issues with Issa.

You can watch Insecure on HBO Max.

3. Dr. Jamie Ryan, Never Have I Ever

never have i ever therapist neicy nash

“Sometimes the pain we feel is too hard to say out loud.”

Devi initially started seeing Dr. Ryan after her father died, but all she wanted to talk about was boys and sex. Slowly but surely, Dr. Ryan is able to help Devi with a few breakthroughs — but she still has a *long* way to go!

You can watch Never Have I Ever on Netflix.

4. Dr. Jean Milburn, Sex Education

sex education season 3

“Sex doesn’t make us whole. So, how could you ever be broken?”

When Dr. Jean Milburn finally starts counseling at the school, she’s able to help a lot of the students through their insecurities. In particular, she’s able to help an asexual girl realize that she’s perfect just the way she is and doesn’t need sex to feel whole.

You can watch Sex Education on Netflix.

5. Dr. Linda Martin, Lucifer

lucifer season 5 finale

“Emotions are hard. But that’s why they make you strong.”

Anyone who can get through to the devil is ok in our book! Dr. Linda Martin is able to make some serious headway with Lucifer (despite the fact that he often doesn’t listen). Through some hard work, she’s able to get him to work through some of his issues with his mother and father and help him become a better person, errr, devil.

You can watch Lucifer on Netflix.


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