The 8 Most Famous Students in College This Year

storm reid college
credit: @stormreid/Instagram

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For many college students, their level of popularity plays an important role because it builds their confidence and gives them a sense of power. While being a good person pays in spades in college, it’s not enough to be famous on campus. The majority of young adults struggle to be famous. However, their efforts amount to nothing because they fail to act systematically.

You need to work on your image and have healthy self-esteem to solve all the problems that will arise along the way. It’s difficult to convince others of your value and worth if you aren’t sure about yourself. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the 8 most famous students in college. Knowing them and what they did will upgrade your social status and help you become famous.

1. Joaquin Antonio Consuelos

Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa recently sent their son, Joaquin to the University of Michigan. At the moment, the two celebrities are empty nesters. They recently posted a picture of themselves on the couch on social media. Joaquin has assured his fans that he’ll start seeking assignment help to become a professional wrestler.

2. Gabriel Hostin


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Sunny Hostin recently shared a picture of her son on social media as she was dropping him to Harvard. She stated that they were happy for him until her little daughter started crying at the eleventh hour. She encouraged her son to go for it.

3. Storm Reid


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The celebrity is off to college. She posted a few pictures of her first day at the University of South California. Her picture earned thousands of cheers both from her fans and celebrity friends such as Kerry Washington and Reese Witherspoon.

4. Rowan Henchy


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Rowan is Brook Shield’s daughter. The celebrity moved her daughter into her college dorm. She recently posted a picture of her on social media and told her that she was proud of her. Rowan is about to have the biggest adventures in her life. Rowan was sent off to college by her entire family.

5. Maskim Bure


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Candace Cameron recently posted a picture of her son at the airport as she sent her off to college. She is proud of her son. She recently reported that her son should seek assignment help online and won to find time for his hobbies.

6. Sunisa Lee


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Sunisa Lee wanted to win the gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics and she got it. She now going to college to earn her degree. She recently posted a photo of herself at Auburn University. She has reported that everyone in college has supported her decision and she likes the atmosphere there.

7. Bryce Drummond

Bryce is Ree Drummond’s son. The celebrity dropped her son off at the University of North Texas. She shared a selfie of themselves smiling on social media. She noted that it’s important for her child to learn how to cook. He is recognized and loved by many in college.

8. Julian Kal Seinfeld


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Julian is Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld’s son. Jerry recently joined Duke University. The celebrity parents don’t have to worry about their son’s well-being in college because their elder daughter is a student there. The two parents were happy for their son.


These are the 8 famous students in college today. You don’t have to be born wealthy to be famous in college. By following your passion and doing your best, you’ll be famous in college.