The 9 Best Ways to Organize Your Makeup


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If you love makeup, you have likely built a relatively substantial collection over the years. And like any big collection we have, finding a suitable and functional way of storing and organizing your stash may become a recurring nightmare.

In the constant battle between having everything out to find what you need and keeping your space minimal and straightforward, there is no better time than now to hone in on your organizational skills. From wall mounting shelving to household stands, you can keep your space feeling minimal without sacrificing your obsession.

1. A Vanity

makeup vanity

If you have the space available, a vanity is an excellent investment. It is the ideal place to sit and do your hair and makeup and has the perfect space for storing all your products in a neat and organized way.

You can lay out all your makeup while you use it to have a complete overview of what you have while getting ready, and once your look is complete, the ample drawer space means everything can be categorized and stored away.

2. Lazy Susan

makeup stand
credit: Olena Sergienko

If you are tight on space or want quick access to your most-used products, investing in a lazy Susan will solve your dilemma. It prevents items from being lost in the back of the cupboard and will reduce the time and hassle you typically spend digging around for smaller things.

In addition, it is perfect for placing in areas with tricky corners and can help you utilize these spaces instead of allowing them to go to waste.

3. Hairdressing Cart

hairdressing cart

Some mornings you may want to get ready in your bedroom, while other mornings, the bathroom has just the right lighting. So instead of lugging your essentials backward and forwards, invest in a hairdressing cart.

Not only does it come with at least three or four shelves to store all your goodies in a way you can see it all and access it quickly, but it comes on wheels, making it a breeze to move around your home as you need it.

4. Clear Drawer Organizers

makeup organizer

Drawer organizers are perfect for storing makeup products. You can buy them to fit drawers of any furniture in your house, and the variety of sizes they come in allows you to sort items by size and category. Stacking items vertically is a great way to save space and prevent things from rolling around in your drawers.

Go one step further and get clear organizers. If you can see a product, you are more likely to use it. And when time is not on your side, you want to grab and go; no hunting required.

5. Spice Rack

spice rack

It may seem like an unusual recommendation, but your favorite kitchen spice rack may answer your makeup organizing dilemmas. Tiered shelves are an excellent way to put your products on display while freeing up valuable counter space.

The non-slip lining typically present on these stands will prevent your products from slipping and falling everywhere, proving to be a great choice for smaller collections. They can also be used for storing perfumes and haircare products as needed.

6. Cupcake Stand

cupcake stand

If you have an ornamental cake stand or cupcake stand sitting in the cupboard, gathering dust, now is the time to pull it out and create an aesthetic display in your bedroom. It provides a unique and stylish way of showcasing smaller makeup items, including nail polishes and perfumes.

Space may be limited depending on the size of your stand, so it is best suited for smaller collections or your most-used products to sit safely on your table or vanity.

7. Desk Organizers

makeup organizer

Although traditionally used for filling paperwork in the office, desk organizers are surprisingly effective when it comes to storing beauty products and essentials. As it typically comes with four or five decently sized drawers, you will have enough room for all your goodies.

8. Mirror with Shelf Space

makeup organizer

Your favorite things are less likely to get lost in the chaos of life if you store them in a place you visit every day. So make your mirror work double-duty by turning it into a prime location for your current favorites and most-used makeup items.

Installing a shelf either above or below allows you to store items you can grab during your last look before heading out the door. Any quick touch-ups will be a breeze when you don’t have to hunt down your lipsticks or mascara first.

9. Pocket Organizers

makeup brushes tools

If you can’t find enough drawer space to use and want to avoid cluttering your counter space, turn your attention to the back of your door for more room to grow. While a hanging pocket organizer might usually be reserved for your shoes, it is a great way to store bulky eyeshadow palettes. In addition, the ample pockets allow you to sort any product by color, size, or brand.

Pro Tip

Remember to store your cosmetics in a space that has a steady temperature and low humidity. Unlike skincare, makeup doesn’t need to be put in the fridge to maintain a suitable product.

However, you should avoid leaving it in direct sunlight or a poorly-ventilated bathroom, as these environments will negatively affect the products’ quality, effectiveness, and shelf-life.