The '90s Are Back: 5 Tips to Dress the Part

90s fashion

In collaboration with M. Davis.

The fashion industry is one of the most unpredictable markets in existence.

You can never tell if a trend is over because specific trends keep coming back up years later. For instance, the ’90s are currently back in full force. This means that you will be seeing a lot of the ’90s style and fashion trends whether you like it or not.

While you do not need to adopt the entire ’90s grunge look, a few things from this era are pretty cool and can elevate any outfit. Below are some of these things.

1. The Small Leather Shoulder Bag

leather shoulder bags

The small leather shoulder bag is an iconic piece of the 90s-fashion era. It can be worn with a wide range of outfits and on many different occasions, from night to day: running errands, going out with friends, or even a fancy dinner party setting.

Shoulder bags go particularly well with a pair of flared denim pants or a cute spaghetti strap dress. If you are in the market for a new handmade leather purse, check out sites like Mirta, for example, which has a lot of choices and is of excellent quality.

2. Low Rise Jeans

90s fashion

Also known as low-cut jeans, this clothing piece is excellent for creating a dynamic season-less wardrobe for a wide range of occasions. These jeans offer endless versatility and look good on every body type.

This means that you can build many stylish looks, for both weekdays and weekends — jeans are always a classic and it’s very easy to dress them up or just keep them casual.

3. Flats

90s fashion

Flats were very trendy in the ’90s and early 2000s. They come in a wide range of styles and colors and they complement almost every outfit. You can wear them with dresses, shorts, pants, and whatever outfit you decide.

It also helps that the shoes are very comfortable and versatile. This means that they can seamlessly transition from official to casual, depending on the occasion.

4. Slip Dresses

90s fashion

Slip dresses are often placed in the ’90s revival category — and for a good reason! They are versatile and are available in endless colors and prints. This means that you can easily find something for yourself, whether you are looking for a cute, casual sundress for the summer or an elegant cocktail dress for a party.

5. Knee-High Socks

90s aesthetic

Knee-high socks are a great fashion accessory for both cool and warm weather as they are available in different materials depending on the season. You can wear these socks with a pleated skirt, shorts, or a dress.

The pieces mentioned above may seem simple, but they can significantly elevate your outfits and help you get that ’90s vibe. You can slowly incorporate them into your wardrobe and wear them whenever you want, as they do not go out of style. Also, since fashion trends tend to go on rotation, you may want to hold on to the outfits.


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