'The Bachelor': 5 Things We Learned About Matt James From His First Round of Press

the bachelor matt james

Now that this season of The Bachelor has begun, so has Matt James’ press tour.

Matt has been hitting all the media outlets, answers questions, and opening up about his experience on the show. Check out the juiciest things we’ve learned so far.

1. Tyler Cameron’s Mom is the One Who Inspired Him to Go on the Show

matt james tyler cameron friendship

Speaking with Ryan Seacrest, Matt explained that Tyler’s mom was actually the one who nominated him in the first place. It was her death that inspired him to eventually take the gig as the Bachelor. He explained,

“She passed away around this time last year. And I think she saw how much it meant for Tyler and how much he grew as a man, and how much she wanted that for me, and so it’s [an] homage to Ms. Cameron.”

2. He Was a Registered Republican

matt james republican

Prior to the show, Matt was officially registered as a Republican as discovered by Reddit super sleuths. Since joining the show as the lead, Matt has changed his affiliation to “not enrolled in a party.”

It’s clear that Matt changed his enrollment status because of the show but it’s unclear whether he was/is a Trump supporter and active Republican. Since Trump’s election in 2016, some republicans have fled the party. So no assumptions can officially be made about Matt’s current political beliefs.

3. He Claims He Actually Likes Victoria

the bachelor victoria the queen

It’s clear to long-time viewers that Victoria “the queen” was chosen to be the villain of the season. But Matt insists that he didn’t give her a rose because production told him to. Rather, he said he enjoyed Victoria’s theatrics. He told Jimmy Kimmel,

“She’s great. I really enjoyed Victoria.”

He continued,

“I appreciated everything about Victoria’s entrance and who she was, because whatever you need to do to stand out, she did it. I remembered her name, and it was lighthearted and it broke the ice. It’s such a tense situation, and I was nervous. And then when she came out with everything that she is, it put a smile on my face.”

4. He Apparently Likes His Pants *Way* Too Tight

the bachelor matt james style outfits

This little nugget actually comes to us courtesy of longtime Bachelor stylist Cary Fetman, who said,

“His style and mine had to be kind of melded. I had to learn; he let go a little also. The one thing we never did agree on was pant length or how tight a pair of pants can be made.”

Cary explained that Matt likes his pants “way, way shorter than should be done. And way, way tighter than should be done.”

5. He Had an Instant Connection With Abigail

the bachelor abigail deaf contestant

Matt opened up about giving Abigail the first impression rose and what drew him to her. Speaking with HollywoodLife, Matt said,

“She was so authentic and real. Everything that I’m asking of the women in this experience, she did unprompted. She was open about being deaf, about her family members that were deaf, about her experience, about what to expect from her. It just was flowing out of her and we just vibed. It just felt real. It felt comfortable.”


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