'The Bachelor' Senior Citizen Spinoff Is Still Very Much Happening

While networks are currently canceling shows left and right, The Bachelor senior citizen spinoff is still on the docket.

ABC Exec Rob Mills recently gave a brief update on the show to Variety and said,

“The thing we want to get serious about revisiting is the older Bachelor spinoff. We’re actively working on making it happen.”

Mills explained that, although the pandemic caused a delay due to obvious reasons, he believes they’ve discovered how to safely make the show.

“Part of the problem was that during the whole year of the pandemic, obviously, the most at-risk group was older citizens. Now, the fact that we’ve found a way to shoot in a bubble, if we have to do it in a bubble, we would be able to figure that out.”

He continued,

“We love this idea and the fact that people have really responded to it, we want to try to make that happen.”

The network sent out a casting call back in February 2020 and according to Rob, the casting was “amazing.”

The advertisement called for people 65 years and older in their “golden years” and looking for love.

Although 65-years-old isn’t exactly a “senior citizen,” it’s certainly a lot older than the usual 21-year-old contestant.

In the meantime, The Bachelor execs are currently working on Bachelor in Paradise, which they are “hell-bent” on making happen this summer 2021.

The show will have an overflow of contestants to choose from, including contestants from Peter’s season, Clare/Tayshia’s season, Matt’s season, and possibly another season of The Bachelorette in spring 2020.

Host Chris Harrison previously told Us Weekly,

“It’s going to be a murderers’ row of choices of people. And I mean, I hate to say this, but there’s going to be people left on the bench that we love just because you can only have so many people on that beach.”

There are already rumors about who be cast, with many fans hoping people like Dr. Joe will appear, but it’s too soon for any official casting news.

Unfortunately, Rob Mills did previously tease one idea of who could appear on the spinoff. Rob said numerous times that he would love for former Bachelor lead Peter Weber to come on the show now that he’s single. Hopefully, Rob will realize that there a lot more likable candidates to choose from.

While you wait for BiP to return and the senior citizen spinoff, you can catch Matt James on The Bachelor, Mondays on ABC.


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