'The Bachelorette' Would Be A Lot More Successful If They Had More Leads Like Clare Crawley

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Clare Crawley knows what she wants. That much was made crystal clear throughout her short stint on The Bachelorette.

Clare is 39 years old — the oldest Bachelorette by far (for reference, the previous Bachelorette Hannah Brown was only 24 at the time of her season). She’s been through her fair share of relationships and she knows what works for her and what doesn’t. And, according to The Bachelorette producers, that’s why she left the show so early (the truth is a whole other story).


The Bachelorette usually goes with young women as their leads with most in their early to mid-twenties. And — shocker — most of their relationships don’t last.

Certainly, there are women who get married at that age. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the average age of a woman’s first marriage when in a heterosexual relationship is 27.8 years old.

But throw in a media shitstorm, Hollywood, fame, and an intense dating process that involves 30 other men and you have a recipe for disaster. It’s no wonder the vast majority of Bachelor and Bachelorette couples break up. Hell, Peter and Hannah Ann didn’t even stay together long enough to make it to After the Final Rose.

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Of course, The Bachelor/Bachelorette‘s aim isn’t to actually help people find love. It’s to entertain the world with fairytale romances, drama, and beautiful people.

But if they ever want to up their success rate, they’re going to have to have a lot more women like Clare on the show — women who are actually ready to meet “the one”, settle down, and get married.

Now, does that mean that Clare and Dale and guaranteed to make it? Absolutely not. The two are still subject to many of the same issues as every other Bachelor couple: the fame, the attention, and the ridiculous dating parameters. And that doesn’t even factor in the reality that they probably spent less than 48 hours of one-on-one time together while on the show.

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Nobody expects reality tv shows to actually be “real.” We all know The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are ridiculous fantasies.

And yet we gleefully lean into it.

Us Bachelor fans would be lying to ourselves if we didn’t admit that we totally get sucked in and invested in the winning couple’s relationship. We follow them on Instagram, we (usually) root for them, and we closely watch their “journey.” Wouldn’t it be nice for fans to actually be able to see their favorite couples work out for a change?

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The Bachelorette lead is now Tayshia Adams. She’s 30 years old and a divorcée. She’s older than the typical lead and certainly has life experience. Will she find real love? Will it actually work out for a change? Who knows. Reality Steve has a few predictions but only time will tell. At least the show is giving her a fighting chance.


‘The Bachelorette’ Clare Crawley Got Screwed Over By Producers

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