'The Bachelorette': Jewelry Designer Robyn Rhodes On How She Created All Those Incredible Earrings And Rings For Gabby Windey

gabby windey jewelry earrings rings
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This season of The Bachelorette has had a ton of heartbreak, drama, and, most importantly, great fashion!

Both Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia have worn some incredible outfits and jewelry designer Robyn Rhodes is, at least in part, to thanks.

Robyn has worked with The Bachelorette costume designer Cary Fetman and co-stylist Krystine Couch for over 10 years and has accessorized some of the best-dressed leads in history, including Tayshia Adams, Hannah Brown, and JoJo Fletcher.

This season was no different as Robyn was tasked with designing a variety of earrings and rings for Gabby and Rachel to wear on their dates. She told FEMESTELLA,

“Usually, I make a ton of pieces, well over 100+ and I go over to meet Cary and Krystine before the season starts and they choose what pieces they want for the show.”

She continued,

“So many times, Cary and I are designing on the fly. Those moments I cherish since he has the choice of whatever he wants to put on his leading ladies and he is still pulling from my line, 10 years later!”

gabby the bachelorette earrings jewelry
Gabby Windey wearing her namesake GABBY earrings

Many of Robyn’s pieces incorporate colorful gemstones including amethyst, citrine, and mother of pearl — perfect for pairing with Gabby and Rachel’s outfits.

Robyn explained,

“Their palettes, in general, were beautiful — very neutral in color with lots of white, cream, and brown tones [which] sometimes matched with neutral-colored jewelry. But I loved it when those looks were also paired with pops of color that came from my jewelry!”

Although Gabby and Rachel both looked great this season, it’s Gabby’s outfits that have really resonated with fans, and that includes Gabby’s jewelry. Robyn revealed that several of the pieces worn by Gabby have since become best-sellers.

“There are a few best-sellers that were on Gabby: Our SHERRI, TORUS, and MILLIAT rings are selling really well considering that they will go with almost everything! Gabby loved my earrings and we have sold a lot of HAROLYN, GABBY (named after Gabby herself), and LORNA earrings.”

[Gabby wore the SHERRI ring in week 11, the TORUS ring week 9, the MILLIAT ring week 10, the HAROLYN earrings week 11, the GABBY earrings week 11, and the LORNA earrings week 7.]

gabby windey earrings jewelry outfits
Gabby Windey wearing the LORNA earrings
credit: @caryfetman/Instagram

As for Robyn’s personal favorite, she loves the CHANTAL earrings that Gabby wears in the 2-part finale. She said,

“They are neutral and a statement. I love to create pieces you can dress up or down with and still look amazing. The CHANTAL earrings do just that!”

To see more of Robyn Rhodes’ jewelry, check out her website here. You can also follow her on Instagram here.


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