'The Bachelorette' Stylist On How Much Input Tayshia Adams *Really* Had In Her Outfits

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The Bachelorette veteran stylist Cary Fetman recently dished on behind-the-scenes secrets and he had a lot to say about Tayshia Adams’ season.

If you’re ever wondering how much input the lead really has in their wardrobe, Cary is here to answer all your questions.

Although he definitely coordinates the looks, he also takes each girl’s personal taste into consideration. Cary told Fashionista,

“I definitely need their input before I even begin, because I need to know where their head is. These are not actors, they’re not playing a character — they’re looking for love and they’re going through all these emotional highs and lows.”

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He continued,

“The one thing I won’t allow myself to do is ever tell them that they have to wear something, or presume to tell them what they should wear.”

Because of how much leeway he gives the leads, Cary doesn’t always agree with what the women choose. He said,

“Everybody thinks that I force these girls into sequins, but the truth is: I’m so over sequins at this point. Every season, they walk in like, ‘No, I’m not going to.’ Especially with Tayshia, I had so many dresses with no sequins. But there must be something about when a girl puts on a Randi Rahm gown — I don’t know because I’ve never tried one on, but there has to be something about it, because they all go to it.”

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Cary may not have been able to steer Tayshia away from sequins on night one, but he was able to ditch the glitz for the finale.

Instead, he and Tayshia went with a simple one-shoulder baby blue gown (it showed up white on camera). Cary told E! News,

“I felt like we had overdone the sequins and It wasn’t just another Bachelorette flashy Randi Rahm sequin gown. The fabric on this was amazing. There’s an accordion-pleated chiffon that comes out of the back of her legs, the ribbon going down her back, everything about it was so sexy but just more elegant and soft. I think that’s what both of us loved about it. It was just romantic.”

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While most viewers really loved Tayshia’s style this season, some thought her outfits were a bit, ahem, revealing. But Cary was thrilled to be able to show off Tayshia’s legs, even if that meant adding in slits where there weren’t any.

“Those legs! Boy, even when there was no slit, we certainly put one in to make sure those legs were out. Basically, it was like almost every outfit that didn’t have a slit, it somehow magically got a slit.”

the bachelorette tayshia adams outfits dresses
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But while Cary was thrilled to show off Tayshia’s assets, he could have done with a bit less cleavage. Because of the last-minute switch in leads, there wasn’t much time for tailoring this season.

“There was really no room for like, ‘Oh, I’d like to do this right now. I’d like to close the boob up a little bit.’ That’s why sometimes there may have been a little bit more boobage than I meant. But the idea was listen, you know what, we’re just going to make the best of this right now.”

If you loved Tayshia’s looks this season, you might actually be able to afford some of them. Between the Randi Rahm and designer dresses, Tayshia wore some contemporary designers for her more casual dates.

To see everything Tayshia wore this season (and exactly where to get the outfits) head here.


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