The 'Barbie' Movie Hired a Skincare Expert For All the Barbies And I'm Dying

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It takes *a lot* to be Barbie: the perfectly arched foot, the glossy ponytail, and, of course, the glowing skin.

And since everyone on the Barbie movie took authenticity pretty seriously, that meant making sure every Barbie on set looked like perfection.

According to celebrity-beloved skin expert Jasmina Vico, she was tasked with maintaining the skincare of some of the top Barbies in the film including Emma Mackey, America Ferrera, Hari Nef, and, of course, the Barbie of all Barbies, Margot Robbie.

But Vico didn’t just care for the actors’ skin, she also took care of their well being. She told Vogue,

“I thought, okay, we’re going to work on the liver; calm the nervous system; and make skin glow, but crucially, we’re going to work on that glow from within.”

margot robbie barbie movie

Vico says she saw Robbie the most, sometimes seeing her as much as twice a week. She added,

“I looked after her like a baby! Not just her skin, but her energy. It’s a stressful job so we worked on calming her and making her feel great.”

So, how exactly did Vico get Robbie to glow from within? Turns out it takes quite a lot of work to make that happen.

Vico used tools like lymphatic drainage, ice balls, various lasers, peels, massage, pressure points, microneedling, and even dietary protocols to decrease inflammation. And that’s just the start.

Other methods Vico used on Robbie included at-home treatments and supplements like serums, milk thistle tea, kefir and other fermented foods, and liposomal vitamin C and glutathione.

In other words, caring for Robbie’s skin was a full-time gig.

When she’s not working with the Barbies, Jasmina Vico works with celebs like Jody Comer, Maisie Williams, and more.

Vico told SHEERLUXE earlier this year that she studied skincare in her home country of Croatia, where she says, “the level of training and education around skin is comparatively advanced.”

She explained,

“As a young student I worked alongside dermatologists, and I was culturally educated in eating food for health. I built an ‘inside-out’ approach to skin health right from the start. I have used many protocols over the years, but I have found it’s essential you work with your body as a whole.”

You can learn more about Jasmina Vico on her website here.

The Barbie movie hits theaters July 21, 2023.


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