The Best Italian Songs to Play at Your Wedding

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Music sets the tone for any event and the mood as well. This is why your wedding playlist is instrumental to the success of your celebration. And, if for cultural or other reasons you would like to have Italian wedding songs on your list, you should take care to choose the songs that will lead your day beautifully and romantically down the intended path.

Italian songs and musicals are known for romance and giving just the right tempo for such an event. A common choice for wedding music, you can be sure to find select numbers for every aspect of the wedding, from the processional to the recessional and the wedding reception.

No matter your style of wedding or reason for choosing this genre, we have here a list of Italian wedding songs that is sure to please your crowd.

Wedding Processional Songs

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If you are wondering what Italian songs to walk down the aisle to, scroll down to see some of our suggestions. The best Italian songs for a wedding processional are classics that capture all the magic and romance befitting the beginning of a lifetime journey.

1. Ave Maria

Top on our list of Italian wedding music is one of the most popular and most beautiful wedding processional songs. Performed by Luciano Pavarotti, the opera icon, this is one piece of music you’d have for your processional if you want to make a grand entrance. The lyrics, melody, and tempo all combine to give you a most memorable walk down that aisle.

2. Aida — Overture

Another popular Italian song for weddings, this instrumental can be found on the playlist of almost every Italian wedding. Its awe-inspiring and captivating melody will fill the room and capture your wedding processional, leading it from start to finish as it builds to a climax.

3. The Intermezzo — Cavalleria Rusticana

If you would prefer famous Italian old songs with a slow and low tempo for a graceful entry, then this is the one you should choose. Add it to your playlist to set the tempo for a pleasant and calm wedding evening.

4. O Sole Mio

One of the best Italian love songs for a wedding, O Sole Mio is all about the language of love. A great choice for that walk down the aisle, it can also be a strong contender for your processional music.

Wedding Recessional Songs

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At the end of the wedding ceremony, you’ll need hearty and celebratory music to mark your brand-new union and successful ceremony. We’ve put together a list of classic Italian love songs that can accompany you as you walk back down that aisle and out of the ceremony. To set the tone for the wedding celebration getting into a new gear as you prepare for the wedding reception.

5. Allegro — La Primavera

One of the best pieces of music to have on your Italian love songs list, Allegro – La Primavera by Antonio Vivaldi is a powerful composition you should definitely consider. Its triumphant and joyful tempo makes it the perfect choice for a wedding recessional.

6. Calabrisella Mia

Another one of our most famous Italian songs that is perfect for a wedding recessional is Calabrisella Mia. A great choice for celebrating the start of your new lives together as you make the joyful exit from your wedding ceremony.

7. Nel Blu Dipinto di Blu (Volare)

One of the most romantic Italian songs, this song is perfect for an Italian wedding. Its joyful melody also makes it one of the best choices for a wedding recessional in true Italian style.

Wedding Reception Songs

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It is almost impossible to underestimate the importance of music to a wedding reception. And so, when creating the playlist for an Italian-themed wedding, it’s important to choose Italian party songs that everyone would enjoy. Music with the right one and tempo for every aspect of the wedding reception. We’ve put together a few that can be helpful as you celebrate your heritage alongside your nuptials.

8. Ti Amo

A classic Italian song for weddings, Ti Amo by Umberto Tozzi is a romantic and emotional number that is perfect for wedding receptions. You will want this on your playlist on any day that you celebrate love.

9. Tarantella

Dance to a tarantella, the best choice of Italian wedding dance songs. It is said about the classic Italian Tarantella, that dancing to it can cure the lethal bite of a spider. A great omen and fun tune for any wedding.

10. That’s Amore

Celebrate love the Italian way with this famous number by Dean Martin. ‘That’s Amore’ is the perfect blend of Italian and American vibe, and might be just what you need.

Choosing the right Italian music for your wedding might not be as easy as it sounds. Whether it’s for an Italian-themed wedding, or to honor your family’s heritage, there are many good options that can make the list. With such a romantic language, Italian wedding songs can make all the difference and set the right tone for your special day.