The Biggest Hairstyle Trends of 2022

summer hairstyle trends 2022
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Summer can be the perfect time to make a major hairstyle change.

Whether it’s going for the big chop, embracing some highlights, or changing your hair color altogether, a new ‘do can make a big change.

Summer can also be a fun time to experiment with some new updos, especially when the weather is sweltering like it is now.

So, in honor of the long, sun-soaked days, let’s take a look at some of the biggest summer hairstyle and haircut trends of 2022, as inspired by our favorite celebrities.

1. Tousled and Textured


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Embrace your natural hair texture with a fun updo that leans into the curls, rather than trying to straighten them out. You can opt for either a half ‘do or a full ponytail, like Selena Gomez above.

The great thing about Selena’s look is that it simultaneously looks elegant and carefree at the same time.

This hairstyle is perfect for anyone who wasn’t born with stick-straight hair. You can make the frizz, the hair wisps, and the baby hairs work for you rather than trying to fight against them.

Products you may need to complete the look include a light hair styling product (think mousse rather than gel), a light-hold hairspray, and a barrette or hair tie to hold your hair in place.

2. Braids For Days


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While everyone is going for the big chop, go the opposite direction with extra-long braids for a stand-out look.

The great thing about this look is that you can tailor it to fit your personality. Go with box braids like Keke Palmer, or opt for long cornrows if that’s more your style.

This hairstyle is ideal for anyone with afro-textured hair who is looking for a protective hairstyle to last them all summer long.

Products you may need to keep your braids in tact include a hair wrap to sleep in.

3. Face-Framing Layers


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Love how curtain bangs look but not quite ready to commit? Long, face-framing layers can be the perfect way to achieve a similar look without having to *actually* get curtain bangs.

Face-framing layers look great with a shorter haircut, like on Lana Condor above, or on longer hair if you love your length.

These long layers look particularly great if you have thicker hair. If your hair is a bit on the thinner side, consider looking into hair restoration to get the look you want.

Products you may need to maintain the look include a great hair dryer or a round blow-dry brush to help you make your locks look their best.

4. Short and Sleek


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A post shared by Maude Apatow (@maudeapatow)

If you love a short ‘do then you might be ready to go short and sleek like Maude Apatow above.

For her hairstyle, Maude went for a center part (how Gen Z of her!) and a balayage hair color that starts at medium brown at the roots and honey brown at the tips. She also slicked down the top for a more sophisticated, classic look.

The short and sleek hairstyle is most easily maintained if you have straight hair (otherwise, you’ll have to spend hours straightening it every day!). It’s also great for those with hair on the thinner side. If your hair is super thick, you risk getting ‘triangle hair’ and may want to skip this trend.

5. Wispy Bangs


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A post shared by Lily Collins (@lilyjcollins)

If you want to embrace a lighter look this summer, consider opting for wispy bangs rather than a heavier version.

As you can see above on Lily Collins, wispy bangs are great with long hair, especially if you want to add face-framing layers.

While wispy bangs are easiest maintained on those with straight or wavy hair, they can also work on curlier hair β€” as long as you go to the right stylist. Sparser bangs can be tricky for curly hair but not impossible. Try finding an inspiration picture online to show your stylist so they can help you get the look just right.

6. Asymmetrical


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A post shared by Joey King (@joeyking)

Summer is a great time to take a few risks β€” just ask Joey King!

The actress recently stunned on the red carpet with an incredible asymmetrical bob with a deep side part in a pink hue.

Not ready to take *quite* that big of a risk? Start with the asymmetrical bob and stick with your natural color.

Products needed to maintain this style will deeply depend on your hair texture. One other important thing to note β€” a short, asymmetrical cut like this needs a lot of upkeep aka frequent trips to the salon. If you don’t have time for a monthly trim, you might want to rethink this one.

7. Long and Natural

Go all-natural by ditching the hair straightening and the blowout and opting for your natural hair texture instead.

Tessa Thompson has been rocking her 4c hair recently in a beautiful medium-long length and a center part (Yara Shahidi has been embracing a similar ‘do).

Upkeep will greatly depend on your natural texture. Those with afro-textured hair will need significantly different products than those with wavy strands. Make sure you find products that are specifically made for hair like yours so you can keep your hair healthy and beautiful.

8. The Face-Framing Strands


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As part of the ’90s revival, celebs have been bringing back the face-framing strands β€” aka pieces of hair that are left out of an updo in order to, well, frame your face!

Celebs who have gotten into the hairstyle include Laura Harrier and Lana Condor.

The great thing about this updo is it’s easy to pull off and can be done with a number of different textured hair types. Just make sure you remember the light-hold hairspray!


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