'The Blacklist' Boss Promises We'll Finally Get Answers (For Real This Time)

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After eight long years, we may finally get some answers on The Blacklist.

According to Executive Producer Jon Bokenkamp, the show actually plans to follow through on Reddington’s promise to “tell Elizabeth everything.”

Speaking with EW, Jon said,

“The promise of the next episode, which we are incredibly excited about, is to really walk through, almost as a document, eight years of mythology.”

He continued,

“We’re going back to the night of the fire, we’re going back to Cape May, we’re going back to pivotal moments that have defined why Raymond Reddington came into Elizabeth Keen’s life, and we’ve never really done this before.”

will there be another season of the blacklist

For fans who have watched from the beginning, this is a big freaking deal. For years and years and years, they’ve been teasing us, promising answers without ever delivering.

Every time Red supposedly told Elizabeth something about her past, it always turned out to be nothing more than useless half-truths. In eight years, we’ve learned close to nothing. Very little has ever been confirmed.

Truly, the only thing that has kept the show going is fan theories on Reddit.

Personally, I’ve come to accept that we may never get answers, so I’m still skeptical of these promises for “the truth”. But Jon Bokenkamp says he plans to follow through this time. He explained,

“For diehard fans, and for casual viewers, it’s going to be a really eye-opening, enlightening, and satisfying episode. It is titled ‘Nachalo,’ which is the Russian word for ‘the beginning.’ We really are going back to the beginning to hear the story be told, and it’s done in a very artful and yet surreal and unusual way that really is not like anything we’ve ever done.”

the blacklist season 8 episode 21

He even promised to tie up all the loose ends we’ve accumulated over the years.

“This is really a deep dive into all the little loose ends, all these different characters who know each other in different ways. How do they come together? How do they tie together?”

He added,

“There’s such a long arc of mythology that we’ve worked very hard to try to stay true to. To be able to give the audience some answers is really exciting.”

Jon said we’ll finally deep-dive into Red’s operations, his relationship with Katarina, and more.

Of course, I highly doubt The Blacklist will tell us *everything* or else there would be no more point to the show. But with rumors spreading that season 9 might be the show’s last, we might be closer to finding out everything than we think.

The Blacklist season 8 episode 21 “Nachalo” airs on June 16 on NBC.


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