'The Challenge: All Stars': Aneesa Ferreira Finally Gets the Respect She Deserves

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Aneesa Ferreira may be a 14-time veteran of The Challenge, but her competitors rarely treat her with respect.

In fact, they usually treat her like complete garbage. On Double Agents alone, she was frequently called deadweight by her castmates and nobody seemed to want to team up with her.

But Aneesa’s a total badass, and always has been. She may have a weak social game but her performance in the challenges is often top-notch. She’s considered an elimination queen — and for good reason. She’s taken out competitors like Paula, Robin, and Diem in eliminations, racking up a total of 10 elimination wins.

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The Challenge: Double Agents (2021)

Although the current crop of The Challenge competitors may be too arrogant to see Aneesa’s worth, the same can’t be said for the vets on The Challenge: All Stars.

Right off the bat, you can see her co-stars treating her with the respect she deserves. On top of that, they also take her seriously as a competitor and a teammate. Alton even asked to partner with her in the recent double elimination against Syrus and Beth (the two dominated, obviously).

You can see her competitors’ admiration for her in small interactions as well. The way they actually listen to, the way they don’t throw a hissy fit every time they have Aneesa on their team or as their partner. Instead, they embrace her and recognize her talent.

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The Challenge: Total madness (2020)

Aneesa first debuted on The Challenge in season 6 aka Battle of the Sexes. She’s gone to two finals (The Gauntlet II and The Duel II) and has won 30 daily challenges. She’s also appeared in two seasons of The Challenge spinoff Champs vs. Stars.

Aneesa is already rumored to return for season 37 of The Challenge. And I can only hope that her time on The Challenge: All Stars helps her realize her worth and encourages her to demand that she gets treated the way she deserves.

In the meantime, you can catch Aneesa on The Challenge: All Stars on the streaming platform Paramount+.


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