'The Hills' And The Way Justin Bobby Treats Women

We need to talk about Justin Bobby.

Once upon a time, Justin was a favorite on The Hills. Fans seemed to revel in his free-spirited, too-cool-for-school vibes and totally shipped him and Audrina.

But since returning to The Hills: New Beginnings, Justin has made his misogynistic views clearer than ever. The way he treats his female friends, his exes, and all the other women on the show has been insulting, to put it mildly.

Don’t believe me? I’ve got receipts.

Exhibit A: Audrina

the hills audrina patridge justin bobby
Credit: MTV

I’m going to start with the most obvious case: the way Justin Bobby treats Audrina.

Justin has always been flaky, but this season we’ve seen a whole new side to him. One that’s completely disrespectful and condescending.

After word spread that Justin had kissed Audrina on the lips after a concert, Justin made it his mission to make Audrina look crazy.

Not only did he deny that the kiss — however brief it was — never happened, he also made disrespectful comments to the rest of the cast, insinuating that Audrina’s flirtation was one-sided.

Despite leading her on, Justin has made it seem like Audrina is actively pursuing him while he remains completely uninterested. He told Mischa that Audrina called him numerous times in a row at 3 AM while in Vegas (Mischa explained that she also got the same phone calls as Audrina was merely trying to find out where everyone is).

He also insisted that Audrina was pulling at his belt loop while dancing in Vegas even though footage made it clear that both were mutually enjoying dancing together.

And then, during a confrontation with Audrina, he threw her text messages in her face, saying that she constantly texted him long messages about her ex and her divorce (which is a perfectly reasonable thing for a friend to do when going through a difficult time).

He’s constantly mocked Audrina both behind her back and to her face, using her fight with Stephanie to his benefit. He just loves that these two women are seemingly fighting over him and is using it to make it seem like Audrina is hopelessly in love with him.

Justin Bobby has pretty much made it his mission to make Audrina look like a crazy stalker. Please be more of a jerk, Justin.

Exhibit B: Stephanie

the hills justin bobby stephanie pratt
Credit: MTV

Next up is Justin’s new BFF, Stephanie Pratt. According to Stephanie, the two have a connection and have grown increasingly close recently.

Despite their “close” friendship, Justin has let Stephanie deal with the rumors of their relationship completely on her own, never coming to her aid.

During the Vegas dinner, Mischa shrewdly noticed that Justin was silent during the conversation, leaving his “friend” high and dry.

According to Justin’s confessional, he felt that the whole conversation was beneath him, that it was all nonsense and he can’t be bothered to deal with such pettiness.

Wow. So many things to unpack here.

First of all, Justin signed up to be on an MTV reality show where petty fights are pretty much a given. His decision to participate in the show (for a second time, might I add) proves that he is *not* too good for this “nonsense,” just that he’s too douchey to admit it.

And second, and more importantly, Stephanie is his friend. It shouldn’t matter how petty he finds this argument. Friends come to their friend’s defense, no questions asked.

During Frankie’s dinner party, he claimed that he numerously dispelled rumors of their relationship but all the other men were quick to call out him out on this blatant lie. None of them had ever heard him say the rumors were false.

He’s clearly playing both Audrina and Stephanie. He’s all but said “bitches be crazy” when talking about them and refuses to be a true friend to either one.

Exhibit C: Mischa

the hills jsutin bobby mischa barton
Credit: MTV

Last but not least, we have Justin’s relationship with Mischa Barton, the new kid on the block.

So far, Justin and Mischa have had limited one-on-one interactions, but what I’ve seen so far has not been great.

Perhaps the best example was the conversation Mischa and Justin Bobby had post-Vegas at Frankie’s dinner party.

Mischa decided to confront Justin about the whole Stephanie-Audrina situation and Justin all but brushed her off. He was extremely condescending towards her, implying that she didn’t know enough to even have this conversation with him.

Not only that, but he constantly lied to her face, even about events for which she was present. Is he really so cocky that he thinks he can get away with this BS?

His attitude towards Mischa, Stephanie, and Audrina has always been “better than” and belittling. It’s clear that he does not view any of these women as his equal.

I’m personally sick of his misogynistic vibe and I’m clearly not the only one.

During Audrina’s confrontation with Justin, she said the best line of the season so far:

“You’re not special. Why do you think I always want to be with you?”

I couldn’t have been prouder of her for standing up to Justin and taking him down a peg. I look forward to more women on the show exposing him for the trash he is.

The Hills: New Beginnings airs Mondays on MTV.


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