The Importance of Adding Perfume to Your Routine

how to pick a perfume
credit: Laura Chouette

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From hair to clothes to shoes, you work to make a positive impression each day. As you compose yourself, don’t forget about your scent. The right fragrance can complete your image, so learn about the different uses of fragrance and find your match with the help of LaBelle Perfumes.

Smell Fresh All Day

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The most practical use of perfume is to make sure you smell nice all day, no matter what activities you’re partaking in, indoor or outdoor. A few spritzes of your favorite fragrance make it certain that people who catch a whiff of your aroma find it fresh and pleasant, which could be great conversation starters

The knowledge that you smell delightful boosts your confidence so you can go about your day without becoming self-conscious or worried about body odor.

Set Yourself Apart With a Great Scent

how to pick a perfume
credit: Laura Chouette

Once you’ve tried a few different perfumes, you may find certain scent notes become your favorites and seem to work well with your body chemistry. With a high-quality scent in a variety you love and wear well, people soon recognize you by that specific smell, and you’ll stand out in their memory.

How to Choose the Right Type of Perfume

how to choose a perfume
credit: Laura Chouette

You’ll notice various categories to choose from as you shop for fragrances including brand types, bottle types and sizes, and more. They all offer something a bit different and fulfill distinct purposes, for example, some last longer than others.


Bottles labeled parfum have the highest concentration of scent elements with concentrations ranging up to 40%. Thanks to the high level of fragrance, these formulas are potent and last for up to eight hours before fading.


Eau de parfum is also a common type of fragrance. These formulas are less concentrated than parfum, usually up to 20% pure fragrance. That distinction makes them less expensive but also means the scent will fade after about five or six hours.


Another popular type of perfume is eau de toilette, which is even less concentrated than eau de parfum. The fragrance lasts for a few hours and is generally considered a good option for casual daytime wear. Eau de toilette formulas are some of the most common in the perfume world. It’s easy to find a lot of great options from high-quality brands in this category.


One of the most cost-effective types of perfume is eau de cologne. With a very low concentration of fragrance, eau de colognes cost less to produce although you may need to use a greater amount if you want more than a light scent.

Enhance Your Day With Great Perfume

how to pick a perfume
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Applying a perfume you love is the perfect way to add something extra to your style and personal statement.