The Jackets Everyone Should Have in Their Closets

hooded leather jackets

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Though there’s a lot of time still before you should be packing up your summer apparel and looking forward to using your winter capsule wardrobe, it’s better to prepare ahead of time. And, of course, you can also wear some jackets as fashionable summer outerwear.

In the fall season, what you will need is a transitional jacket like denim or overshirts. Based on the weather, you can wear it either alone or as a layered piece. But, as the weather advances towards lower temperatures, you will need a higher dose of warmth with slightly heavier jackets.

Here are some jackets you must have in your capsule closet to ensure that you are optimally prepared to look with functional outerwear at different times of the year.

The Puffer

leather puffer jackets
Credit: Carlos Andres Gomez / Unsplash

A puffy jacket is the warmest outerwear, and it is a must-have for your winter wardrobe. The down puffers are filled with soft feathers closest to the birds’ skin (goose or duck). In other cases, the puffy leather jackets can be polyester-filled. They are perfectly padded with the best thermal insulator and the padding material for puffer jackets.

While buying a puffer, make sure that you check the label information or the online description for handling and care to make an informed decision properly.


hooded leather jacket
Credit: Grace Madeline / Unsplash

It’s no wonder that hoodies provide a casual, comfortable, and cool look. Hoodies will be an everyday wash and wear staple that everyone likes to wear — right from freelancers to CEOs — hoodies are unifier outfits and are both fun and functional and a fashion mainstay.

Nevertheless, if you want to go for something trendier than the hoodies present in the market, go for a sleek leather jacket with a hoodie. The hooded leather jackets are here to stay, and with one in your adobe, you can make sure that you have an edgier and updated look.

The Denim

mens jean jacket
Credit: Sebastian Pociecha / Unsplash

It’s also called a jean jacket. Everyone needs to have a jean jacket in their wardrobe. And it is essential to find out how you should be buying your perfect leather jacket.

The first thing is that your denim jacket needs to be perfect to match anything. Having a faded blue or washed denim jacket gives you ideal apparel. It must fit you like a shirt, which means it should be a perfect fit and snug on the shoulders. It is a great transitional jacket in the summer and the warmer weather. And in fall and winter, you can layer it under the coat.

Trench Coats

mens leather trench coat
Credit: Taras Chernus / Unsplash

The trench coat came into the picture for the first time in World War eras. And it saw a significant return in World War II. It still serves as one of the most preferred pieces for men’s military outerwear. The best trench coats for men are made from wool gabardine, cotton, and leather trench coats.

The trench coats are a classic style of outerwear that has little changed in their style over the years. A trench is classic in design and complements well a man having dark features. Here are few style features to look for in men’s trench coats:

· Double-breasted front style
· Raglan sleeves
· Epaulets
· Single back vent

They can also be made smaller in the torso by shortening of about 3-8%. But the best deal is to buy a tailored trench coat.

Leather Bomber Jacket

mens leather bomber jackets
Credit: Simon Robben / Pexels

The bomber is an inherently cool-looking leather jacket that you can wear with other kinds of laid-back attires, for example, the knitted polos, earthy hued chinos, and plaid shirting, and other such options. You can wear lighter attire of this kind in the warmer part of the season. On the cooler days, you can wear heavier roll-neck sweaters. A dash of flyboy aura you get wearing a bomber jacket will help you get through anything.

Tailoring is the finest thing possible in a luxury bomber jacket. Moreover, the material of construction and the quality are the key factors to look for while buying the best bomber jacket for yourself. The bomber leather jacket features pinched seams with minimal work on the seams so that the natural drape of the apparel is not disturbed. Check the best quality men’s leather bomber jackets at Pala Leather, made from superior quality goatskin leather and soft to touch.

These are a few staples you must have in your wardrobe to ensure that you have a versatile and highly functional wardrobe with outwear, which is perfect for your aesthetics.