The No-Pants Trend is Boring — Here Are 5 Trends to Try Instead

fall 2023 fashion trends

The “No Pants” trend that celebrities endorsed throughout the summer is seemingly carrying over to the fall and quite frankly, I’m over it.

Ditching your trousers for a pair of hot pants — or even straight up undies — isn’t remotely interesting. And, at this point, it’s pretty much been done to death.

Not only that, but it’s a rather impractical trend for any normal human (i.e. non-celebrity) to pull off IRL. No pants to the office? No pants to brunch with friends? I think not.

In fact, this whole saga is a great reminder that, just because the fashion world has endorsed a trend, doesn’t mean it’s necessarily cute. Sometimes the fashion gods just get it wrong (the return of low-rise jeans should have been our first indicator of that).

So while celebrities like Sydney Sweeney and Hailey Bieber can continue to ditch their pants all they want, I’m moving on.

Below, check out the five fall 2023 trends that I’m trying instead.

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1. Maxi Denim Skirts

denim maxi skirts trend
credit: @nickyhilter/Instagram

Fall is all about denim and this season, we’re embracing longer hems! Opt for a midi or maxi denim skirt with a front slit to get the full look.

2. Tall Boots

selena gomez outfits 2023
credit: @selenagomez/Instagram

If you still want to go for a shorter hem try pairing your mini skirt with over-the-knee boots, which have become this season’s it-shoe. Or, try layering a midi dress over knee boots if you prefer a more modest aesthetic.

3. Satin Pants

fall 2023 fashion trends
credit: jaimexie/Instagram

Somehow both incredibly chic and comfy, satin pants are the perfect way to dress up your outfit without compromising comfort. Not only that, but the options are endless. Some of our favorite styles include joggers, wide-leg, and cargo pants.

4. Cargo

cargo pants fall trend 2023
credit: @chiaraferragni/Instagram

The cargo trend re-emerged earlier this year and it looks like we’ll be carrying it into fall. Try it out with a pair of classic utility pants, cargo jeans, or even a cargo midi skirt.

5. Draped Maxi Dresses

kylie jenner outfits fall 2023
credit: @kyliejenner/Instagram

Trade in your pants for a dress with a draped maxi dress. Choose a something in jersey for a more casual look or go for a satin piece if you’re in the mood to dress up.


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