'The Path' Season 3 Review: Can the Show (and Meyerism) Survive?

The end has come for season 3 of The Path, and we’ve finally received some answers on Steve, Vera, and the beginnings of the movement.

So let’s talk about each character’s story over the past season, the highs (and lows), and how we got to this point to begin with.


Sarah’s path this season was… strange. She left the movement and then kind of returned?

She went down a pretty dark path, chasing after Lilith and what she hoped would bring back her faith. She left her family, her community, and all for what?

We know by now that her journey does not end well. After trusting Lilith, she soon found that Lilith was not the profit she hoped (aka she was cray). And once Eddie found out the truth behind Steve and the movement’s beginnings, things only went downhill from there.

But Sarah’s journey just felt so ingenuine. Would someone so certain in their faith truly turn a complete 180? Especially since she was just one of the leaders of the movement, after all.

I realize they needed someone to find out the truth and bring everything about Steve and the movement to light, but did it have to be her? Frankly, Hawk would have made for a much more realistic option. He’s young and at the age where he would rebel, especially after his parents’ seperation and all the drama in his home life.

the path season 3 review


Eddie was a huge disappointment this season. He let himself get manipulated by Vera took the movement in the absolute wrong direction.

If anything, this season proved that Eddie is not fit to be the leader of Meyerism, regardless of what his visions of Steve told him. Sure, he’s sweet (and *extremely* attractive), but he’s no Cal. Cal was born to be a leader. After all, he did learn from the best. He’s charismatic and manipulative in the most subtle ways. He can take a skeptic and turn them into a loyal believer for life.

Not to mention that after Vera is shot, Eddie just gets way too intense. I realize he’s grieving over his once-upon-a-time lover, but he’s suddenly demanding that the movement grow quickly.

But can Meyerism survive? Now that the truth is out, the future of Meyerism is up for debate. They’ll need a true leader to get them through it but Eddie ain’t it.


Cal really went on quite the journey of self-discovery this season. And he ended up becoming one of the most likable characters by the end.

At first, he all he wanted was power and followers. And he would do it at any cost, even if that meant stealing followers from Eddie. But he’s no longer that man.

And what’s more, he seems to be finally dealing with the darkness inside of him. He never truly faced the sexual abuse he experienced as a child, which all comes to a head when he almost commits suicide. Luckily, Sarah saved him just in time and it actually seems like Cal is ready to face his demons. He promises Mary he’ll get real help and he decides to stay at the compound in order to deal with his past.

I see a lot of good in Cal, probably more than ever before. He’s vulnerable and humble for the first time and I’m excited to see what they have in store for him.

the path season 3


Hawk had one of my favorite storylines all season. His new relationship with Caleb and his openness to love was so sweet. He does everything he can to help Caleb and keep him from going to conversion therapy. His love for Caleb is so true and he just wants to see the best in him. He’s always been one of the most genuine characters and I’m so grateful that he’s officially outgrown his rebellious teen years.

And when Caleb unexpectedly returns from conversion therapy and joins Hawk at the compound? Well, that was just the cherry on top we needed.


Oh, Vera. Where to begin? When she first stepped on the scene, I was so not into it. She was taking the movement in the wrong direction and pulling Eddie’s strings like a puppet. Of course, she was trying puppet master him, as per her mother’s request, but she finally comes around and joins Meyerism.

She turned into a very interesting, and complex character and certainly added something to the show. That said, I wasn’t sad to see her go. Her death seemed inevitable and it was the perfect way to close up that chapter.

the path season 3


Yes, Steve is dead, but his presence is still very much alive. We’ve known for a while that Steve was a child molester but a thief and a liar? Who knew Steve completely stole the visions for the movement and claimed them as his own? Talk about a twist.

Although should it really be a shock to anyone? Steve was always skeezy and now that we know he’s a con artist too, it pretty much just makes him the stereotypical, phony cult leader.

And so here we are, at the brink of the end of the world, or perhaps just the end of Meyerism. The truth has come out and only time will tell if Eddie is strong enough to keep the movement going.


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